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We empower you to be a better dental marketer & practice manager

Since 1985 I’ve been working with dentists to help them become better marketers and practice managers.® has several principles that guide our business:

Dental Marketing & Management Education –® is primarily an educational business, teaching dental professionals the principles and practices of attracting new patients and better management techniques. To this end, we have free services and information, dental marketing tools and services. In other words, we have just about anything to help with your marketing and which will also fit your budget.

New Marketing & Management Paradigm – The old marketing & management paradigm was about manipulation and deception. This certainly doesn’t work in marketing dental services and managing your teams. We use a new paradigm that is about service and education. The chart below shows the difference between these two models.

Old Paradigm

New Paradigm

Focus on me

Focus on you


In-depth information




Solid credibility

Exaggerated results

Proven results

One size fits all

Customized solutions

Transaction oriented

Relationship oriented

Questionable value

Verifiable value

Charge for time

Charge for value



"Car Sales Person"

Trusted Advisor

Results – The only thing that counts in a dental practice is results. Everything else is explanation. Think about it…

Dr. Jim Sparaga, Machias, ME

Dr. Chris Devlin, College Station, PA

Dr. Mike O’Connor & Dr. Bill Caldon, Lake Placid, NY

If you use the ideas on this site and in our products and services, you will see real results. Dental marketing & management will be less of a struggle. You’ll attract more new patients more consistently. You’ll get more word-of-mouth business. You’ll make more money, your team will make more money and you all will be more secure in your profession. But you need to do more than read. You need to take action!

Based on Experience – The information included in this site and our various products and services is all based on direct experience of what works to consistently attract and keep dental patients. There is nothing theoretical or hypothetical about the marketing and management ideas we expound. If it works and fits the New Paradigm, we use it and we teach it to our doctors.

A Virtual Business –® is a “virtual business.” I make all my money either online or providing services to dentists all over the country (and world) by telephone. It was started in 1985 by me, Jim Du Molin and I was quickly joined by my wife Suzanne. We work out of our home in Tiburon, California, on the San Francisco Bay. I love what I do and I find it a pleasure to do it with dentists.

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