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News From The Wealthy Dentist #51: June 27, 2007

Editorial: Jim Du Molin

Horror Stories: Consultants from Hell

Festival MarketingI’ve been a dental consultant for decades, and I’ve heard nightmare stories over the years about terrible experiences doctors have had with bad consultants. (I promise I’m not one of them!!) From ineffective procedures to attempts at religious conversion, there are plenty of consultants
out there who
won’t get the job done.
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The Wealthy Dentist Survey Results: Bad Dental Consultants

Most Have Had Bad Experiences with Dental Consultants

62% of dentists have been disappointed by dental consultants
In our most recent survey, we asked dentists if they have ever had bad experiences with
dental consultants – and most of them said “yes.”
The majority (62%) indicate they have had problems with consultants. On the other hand, 38% report being smart and/or lucky enough to avoid the bad ones.
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Special Features

Scottish Dentists Cash in on Botox Craze

It’s a deadly toxin whose paralytic properties make wrinkles disappear instantly. In Scotland, more and more dentists are cashing in on the popularity of Botox. However, some are concerned that dentists aren’t receiving adequate training before offering the injections in their dental practices.
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AGD Speaker to Focus on Tooth Erosion from Acidic Foods

At the Academy of General Dentistry’s upcoming annual meeting, speaker Dr. David Bartlett will discuss how to minimize tooth erosion caused by acidic food and drink such as soda, juice, fruit, yogurt, etc. He suggests they be consumed quickly and during mealtimes, and that patients wait at least 20 minutes to brush teeth after eating acidic foods. The focus is not on the patient’s diet, but simply on reducing exposure to acid. For example: don’t suck on lemons!

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Also in the News…

NHS Underspends by $40 Million in Wales

Schwarzenegger Signs Bill Preventing Sex Offenders from Getting Dental Licenses

Jealous Girlfriend Trashes Boyfriend’s Dental Lab, Causing $20K in Damages

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