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News From The Wealthy Dentist #52: July 4, 2007

Editorial: Jim Du Molin

“Lean Marketing” Meets the Dental Industry

Lean Marketing
Toyota revolutionized the auto industry with its “lean marketing” tactics that streamline efficiency in all processes. Dissatisfied with other management techniques, a Florida dentist has spent 10 years applying lean principles to his dental practice. As a result, the time a patient spends waiting for care has been greatly reduced. Story continues…

The Wealthy Dentist Survey Results: Dental Hygienists

Dental Hygienists Are Well-Paid (Some Dentists Think They Are Too Well-Paid…)

Average dental hygienist makes $38/hourIn our most recent survey, we asked dentists the hourly wage of their dental
; the average answer was $36 an hour, whether paid on commission,
by the hour, or salaried. “I think hygienists are highly overpaid!!” commented one dentist, while another gushed: “She’s worth every penny, makes me a fortune!”
Story continues…

Special Features

Regrow Your Teeth with Gum and Toothpaste?

Since fluoride was added 50 years ago, toothpaste technology has seen few major advancements. But a
Florida firm has developed NovaMin, a recalcifying ingredient to regrow teeth. It’s similar to the calcium phosphate Recaldent. In countries such as Japan and Mexico, Recaldent gums have proven to be big sellers.

Story continues…

Marketing Advice from Melinda Spitek, CEO of Hycomb Marketing

Grow The Line That Leads to Your Practice

Melinda Spitek, Hycomb MarketingIn a recent survey, we discovered that patients all have reservations about going to the dentist. I recommend sending out New Patient Packets that include a brochure, an appointment card, health history forms, a welcome letter, and your newsletter. It makes all the difference in your relationship with the first-time patient!
Story continues…

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