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News From The Wealthy Dentist #53: July 11, 2007

Editorial: Jim Du Molin

How Colors Can Influence Your Dental Marketing

Color WheelColor is a valuable tool in the dental marketer’s arsenal. Knowing the connotations of the colors you use is one of the ways you can help maximize your marketing efforts. From energetic orange to tranquil turquoise, from fresh green to serious navy – every color has a meaning. Do you know what your marketing is saying?
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The Wealthy Dentist Survey Results: Dental Marketing Ethics

Dentists Are Torn over the Ethics of Marketing Themselves

Dentists are split over the ethics of marketingIn our most recent survey, we asked dentists if dental marketing is good or bad for dentists in the eyes of the public. The slight majority (54%) felt it can sully the profession’s reputation and dentists should hold themselves to a higher ethical code. The other 46% feel that consumers won’t judge a dentist negatively for advertising.

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Special Features

Tooth Whitening Can Be Frightening…

New research suggests store-bought tooth whitening treatments may actually be damaging
consumers’ smiles
. A study that examined 20 products available over the counter in the UK found that 18 contained higher levels of hydrogen peroxide than permitted by law; in one case, the
product contained 230 times the legal limit!
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Reducing Dental Anxiety in Children

According to a study recently released in Nature, viewing positive images of dentists and dentistry reduces dental anxiety in kids. In the study, children who saw these positive images in the waiting area immediately prior to their appointment had significantly lower levels of anticipatory anxiety and fear.
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Also in the News…

China Vows Controls on Dental Products

Cement in Fillings Linked to Asthma in Dental Assistants

UK’s Health Minister Rosie Winterton Leaves NHS

Australian Art Gallery Displays Piece that Includes 14,000 Teeth

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