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News From The Wealthy Dentist #54: July 18, 2007

Editorial: Jim Du Molin


Iowa Dentist, Ousted for Criticizing Amalgam, Wants License Back

dental consultant Jim Du MolinIowa dentist Larry Hanus lost his dental license in 1994 at least partly  because of his vehement opposition to mercury amalgam fillings. In 2002, the state declared an end to the ADA’s “gag rule” on mercury toxicity. Now Hanus is petitioning to get his license back. But will his colorful character outshine the mercury debate?
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The Wealthy Dentist Survey Results: Broken Dental Insurance

Michael Moore’s SICKO May as Well Have Been about Dental Insurance…

Dental Survey ResultsIs dental insurance just as broken as medical insurance? Two out of three dentists think so.
In our most recent survey, 70% of dentists felt the current system is not meeting the dental care needs of many Americans. The other 30% think dental insurance and health insurance are very different and it’s not fair to compare the two.
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In the News…


The New Face of Dental Care in Alaska

In a major turnaround for dental care in rural Alaska, the ADA and the Alaska Dental Society have dropped their lawsuit against dental therapists – in fact, they’re going to donate over $500K to the cause. They say they’ll try to bring in more licensed dentists, but it looks like dental therapists
aren’t leaving Alaska anytime soon!
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Marketing Advice from Melinda Spitek, CEO of Hycomb Marketing

Attracting Today’s Hottest Dental Demographic: Over 60!

Melinda Spitek, Hycomb MarketingThey say age 60 is the new 50 — and it’s so true. Baby Boomers refuse to give up their youth. Age sixty used to mean dentures, but now it can also mean lucrative cosmetic enhancements, tooth whitening, and much more. Remind these patients that they deserve what you have to offer!
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