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News From The Wealthy Dentist #57: August 8, 2007

Editorial: Jim Du Molin

Scare Tactics: These Are Your Teeth On Drugs

Meth MouthLawmakers are hoping to discourage meth use among teens by educating them about “meth mouth” (the rapid tooth decay often associated with methamphetamine use) through grants for dentists and educators. If showing kids appalling pictures of rotten teeth and gums keeps them away from meth, why not?
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The Wealthy Dentist Survey Results: Yellow Pages Marketing

How Many Dentists Advertise in the Phone Book?

Dental SurveyIn our most recent survey, we found that just over half of dentists advertise in the Yellow Pages with a display ad as part of their dental practice marketing. Sixty-one percent of dentists in this poll responded yes, whereas the remaining 39% said they do not leverage the phone book as
part of their marketing strategy.
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In the News…

Dr. Larry Hanus Is Finally on the Road to Getting His Dental License Back

The subject of a recent Wealthy Dentist survey, Dr. Larry Hanus claims he lost his dental license because of his outspoken anti-amalgam views. After 13 years, the Iowa dental board has finally given him the nod – he’ll be able to get his license back as long as he completes educational and testing requirements and submits to quarterly reports to the board.
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“Honey, Could You Pick Up Some Dental Hygiene at the Drug Store?”

“Dentists are starting to look like pure fish oil salesmen,” wrote one dentist in response to our recent dental ethics survey. “I’ll be looking for them at Walmart soon. It’s sad.” Well, guess what? British retail giant Superdrug has announced plans to introduce dental services in its stores. With hygiene and tooth whitening services, the program isn’t meant to replace dentists – but then again, this is the UK we’re talking about here.
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