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News From The Wealthy Dentist #63: September 19, 2007

Editorial: Jim Du Molin

Dental Hygienists: Hourly versus Commission

dental consultant Jim Du MolinEconomically speaking, should you pay your dental hygienists a base hourly wage or on commission?
With increasing production, you’ll make more money by paying a salary. This arrangement can be win/win, benefitting the hygienist as well. But to maximize your profit, you’ve really got to analyze the numbers!

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The Wealthy Dentist Survey Results: Dental Hygienists

Most Dentists Pay Their Hygienists by the Hour

Dental SurveyIn our most recent survey, we asked dentists if they pay their hygienists an hourly wage, or if compensation is based on commission. Four out of five dentists report paying hygienists
a base hourly wage.
Only 19% say their hygienists are paid on commission. “Hygienists are a critical aspect of any practice,” wrote a prosthodontist. One dentist said of hygienists, “Most are overpaid,” while another commented: “Not a big profit center, but essential to the overall health of the practice.”

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In the News…

Dental Device May Help Fight Obesity

Given that one-third of American adults are obese, and another third are overweight, it’s no wonder that weight-loss treatments are big business. One company is addressing the market with a dental device that uses rubber bands
to restrict opening of the jaw.  Initial tests in Europe have been promising, and the company, Small Bite Inc., hopes to begin US trials soon.

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