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Join TWDU for half offJim Du Molin founded The Wealthy Dentist University to share his dental marketing and management knowledge.

Until this Friday, he’s offering a never-before-seen discount: You can get HALF OFF membership in The Wealthy Dentist University… for an entire year!

Membership in The Wealthy Dentist University gives you access to over $20,000 worth of training programs and practice management tools.

The Wealthy Dentist University can equip you with both the essential marketing tools and personal guidance you need to get on the path that makes the most sense for you… the path that will take you to a life where you’re passionate about what you’re doing. A life where you have more time for what’s most important… more freedom… more control… and more satisfaction and accomplishment.

The Wealthy Dentist University is based on the concept that wealth and security come from always doing what is right for your patients. The lessons and tutorials offered all expand upon Jim Du Molin’s philosophy: “Wealth is the natural result of doing what’s right for your patients.”

Think of The University as a flexible set of dental marketing and management tools. These tools bring you access to an ever-expanding pool of online video learning courses, online tools and calculators, and archives of webinar interviews with some of the best and the brightest. This set of training courses can be expanded and customized to fit your personal experience, expertise and requirement.

Get Access to Video Tutorials on Dental Marketing & Management

Each month, you’ll get 1,000 credits that you can apply to any of our training programs in our Video Library, which includes valuable strategies and instructions for dental marketing and management.

Once the gates swing open for you at The Wealthy Dentist University you have immediate access to a pool of outrageously great, step-by-step marketing and management strategies.

These videos include instant access files of verbal-skill scripts, step-by-step check lists; screen captured graphic outlines, role-playing scripts between doctor and patient, and team member and patient… and hard copy implementation guides tailored separately for the doctor and team members.

We charged our one-on-one marketing and management clients $22,000 for similar advanced training programs… but these are better! These videos are totally updated with the latest economic and management research and can be viewed online over and over again by you and your team.

Each program sells for $246 to $1996 each! As a University enrollee, you get access to our complete video library – including strategy videos not available to the general public. These video training sessions valued at over $21,000 that you’ll use to perfect your team’s new patient marketing and case presentation skills.

The Wealthy Dentist University also offers access to online tools and calculators.

  • Marketing Strategy ROI Calculator
  • Dental Website New Patient ROI Calculator
  • New Patient Value Calculator

With your membership in The Wealthy Dentist University, you’ll get access to our complete webinar archives. The question-and-answer sessions with industry experts are a valuable dental continuing education tool.

In addition, you get several bonuses for free when you sign up now… plus a few more secret bonuses you’ll get after you join The Wealthy Dentist University!

“The Nine Truths of Dental Marketing,” a $495 value

This is the complete, updated, 10-video set of “The Nine Truths of Dental Marketing.” It includes Jim Du Molin’s infamous Introduction – The Coming Economic Disaster… He pretty much nailed that prediction!

  • Dental Marketing – The 9 Truths: The Coming Economic Disaster! (The storied Introduction.)
  • Truth #1: Who Else Wants More Cosmetic, Sedation & Implant Patients Now?
  • Truth #2: Who Wants a Dental Website at the Top of Google, MSN & Yahoo?
  • Truth #3: Advanced Dental Marketing with Dental SEO Rankings
  • Truth #4: Dental Website Marketing & Conversion Tips for Max New Patients
  • Truth #5: Who Else Wants More Profits Now with Higher Dental Marketing Returns?
  • Truth #6: Dental Office Marketing: Directory or Website – Where’s the Money?
  • Truth #7: Want to Tap Into 25,000 New Dental Patients a Month?
  • Truth #8: Dental Marketing: Fast Profits & Major ROI Results
  • Truth #9: Dental Marketing – The 5 Biggest Mistakes!

9 Truths of Dental Marketing

All 10 videos… a $495 value… are available for a limited time to doctors who sign up now.

“Top 10 Survey Results Videos,” a $495 value

This is an up-to-date set of our Top 10 survey results videos with personal commentary from Julie Frey and Jim Du Molin on topics impacting your practice today! These include —

  • The Dental Marketing Campaigns That Really Work
  • Should You Increase Your Dental Marketing in a Recession?
  • Embezzlement: Is It Happening Now in Your Practice?
  • How Far Will Patients Travel for Your Dentistry?
  • Direct Snail Mail: Is It Really Worth the Money?
  • Should You Stop Accepting Dental Insurance Today?
  • Dental Consultants: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly
  • Should You Keep Your Yellow Pages Marketing?
  • Are Your Specialists Referring Patients Back to You?
  • When Should You Criticize a Colleague’s Dentistry?

9 Truths of Dental Marketing

All 10 videos… a $495 value… are yours at no charge when you enroll now.

We have a full 30-day, no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee – we take all the risk…

Even if you decide to cancel, you can keep ALL the available videos you’ve viewed and downloaded in the first 30 days.

So… what are you waiting for?

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