Dental Marketing and Management for More New Dental Patients


  • Optimized layout for maximum patient
    lead response
  • Latest “Responsive” designs for smart phones,
    tablets and optimal ranking with Google
  • Complete Dental Website Design Library
  • Instantly update your website design 24/7
  • Over 500 Customizable designs

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Optimized content for ALL your clinical skills
  • Comprehensive internal & external linking strategy
  • Geo-targeting for your practice location(s)
  • 24/7 Dynamic SEO updates to improve your online
    visibility and ranking
  • Dental SEO Report Card


One Low Monthly Fee
  • No SEO fees
  • No lead tracking fees
  • No video fees
  • No site tweaking fees
  • No support fees
  • No upgrade fees
No Extra Fees:

Video Marketing

  • Create your own or select from a complete
    library of professional videos
  • Video testimonials from your satisfied patients
  • Informational videos about dental procedures
    you offer
  • Personalize your website & increase your
    conversion rate

Dental Marketing Directories

  • Your dental directory listings give you the “Linking
    Authority” you need to rank your practice website(s)
    at the top of search engine results
  • Local dental directory listings surrounding your
    geographic area(s)
  • Listing on National online dental directories for each
    of your clinical skills


Learn More!

Jim Du Molin
Welcome to The Wealthy Dentist. Do you want more new patients now? With over 25 years of dedicated dental marketing and management experience, we’ve developed our turnkey LeadFire new patient marketing machine that can add more new patients to your practice now… at zero risk to you!

This program includes your own personal customizable New Patient Portals, online dental directory listings, mobile marketing, social networking options and more.

Your New Patient Control Panel allows you to personalize your entire dental marketing plan by yourself 24/7. You can even track and monitor all of your new patients from this program.

Team Training

Do you want to maximize your management and marketing potential? We also have a complete library of dental marketing and management tutorials…

What Dentists Are Saying…

"Extremely effective and cost-efficient."

- Missouri Doctor

"Up to 41 new patients a month!"

- New York Doctor

"Production for one sedation case
generated $32,000 for the practice."

- Missouri Doctor

"We are currently averaging about
20 new patients per month."

- Texas Doctor

"The system is responsible for
a 114% increase in business."

- New York Doctor

"This marketing campaign gives me the best
ROI over my other marketing investments."

- Florida Doctor

"Last year, this web marketing campaign
brought in 226 referrals."

- Massachusetts Doctor

"We have had a flood of new patients!"

- California Doctor

"We find that these patients complete
their treatment plans."

- Indiana Doctor

"We have had at least 10 new
contacts in just one month."

- Kansas Doctor


Dr. Jan Ormsby
Ithaca, NY

When I first came to work with Jim, I was producing approximately $48,000 per month. At the end of the first year, I was producing 114% more than when I started. The value of new patients during that first year also doubled.

When I first started, I had about 8-10 new patients a month. I was practicing alone in my home, so I had a very small practice. I knew I really had to grow the practice quickly because I moved into a new facility. With the different approaches the The Wealthy Dentist has given me, I was able to move the number of new patients up to 41 a month.


Dr. Victor Sobrepena
Foster City, CA

The major benefit that I have received from having been a member of the The Wealthy Dentist has been my transition from managed care insurance plans to fee-for-service patients.

Probably the biggest key that I’ve seen that has allowed me to progress to where I am now has been really implementing a lot of the systems that I’ve learned.

You know: making sure I have a complete team that’s working for a common goal. In addition to that, I’m really implementing a lot of the marketing strategies that I found were the most effective for me.

Especially when I first started, I tried a lot of different marketing techniques, and I wasn’t sure whether they were going to work or not. With Jim and his team of dental management consultants, I’ve really been able to copy genius instead of creating mediocrity.

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