IDA ROI Calculators

These calculators illustrate the return on investment from IDA portals.

NEW! IDA New Patient Marketing Machine™ Promo (November 2011)

This shows potential clients how much they could make and what their costs would be, starting with the offer of a free general dental portal for 1 year.

IDA New Patient Marketing Machine ROI Calculator

This shows potential IDA clients how much they could make. Intended for PPC marketing.

IDA Reseller Commission Calculator

This shows potential Strategic Partners how much they could make in commission as an IDA reseller.

IDA ROI Calculator #1 (the teal one)

This shows new customers the ROI from multiple IDA marketing campaigns.

1st Campaign = $298, 2nd Campaign = $88, Additional Campaigns = $68 each. (No maximum # of campaigns.)

Small version of IDA ROI Calculator #1

This is just like the above calculator, but smaller (1000×600), with no header or footer. It is designed to be displayed within an IDA-braded sales page.

IDA ROI Calculator #2 (the green one)

This shows existing customers with only 1 IDA campaign the ROI from up to 6 additional IDA websites.

First additional website = $88, Up to 5 more websites = $68 each. (Maximum 6 websites.)

IDA ROI Calculator #3 (the gold one)

This shows existing customers with only 1 IDA campaign the ROI from adding just one more IDA website.

First additional website #1 = $88. (Maximum 1 website.)

IDA ROI Calculator #4 (the red one)

This shows existing customers with 2 or more IDA campaigns the ROI from adding up to 5 IDA websites for just $68 each.

Up to 5 additional websites= $68 each. (Maximum 5 websites.)

NOTE: “Campaign” refers to the first product we sell for $298. The products we sell for $88 and $68 are “websites.” So Calculator #1 refers to “campaigns,” but Calculators #2, #3 and #4 only refer to adding “websites” to your existing IDA marketing campaign.

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