Associate Analysis Tutorial

Converting Your Practice into Cash at Retirement:
Structuring an Associate/Buy-out Program

Two-Part Associate Strategy Video and Slide Presentation
Part 1 – (28 minutes, 39 seconds)
Part 2 – (25 minutes, 12 seconds)

Associate Profitability & Compensation Analysis Software
Including two software video tutorials

14-page Legal Agreement Outline
In Microsoft Word format for easy editing by your attorney, our outline addresses terms including: Term • Compensation • Expenses • Payroll Issues • Time off • Termination • Other Associates • No Assignment • Indemnifications • Records • Retreatment • Confidentiality • …and much more.

You also get the following free bonuses as part of this tutorial:

Free Bonus 1 – This is the link to a company that does psychological profiling. You’ll learn the secret of how to weed out the bad associates and select the right one using personality profiles.

Free Bonus 2 – Value of a New Patient calculator and training video that lets you correctly and precisely calculate the value of a new patient at your practice.

Free Bonus 3 – Downloadable audio version of the complete tutorial in MP3 format so that you can play it anywhere, anytime.

Free Bonus 4 – Downloadable printout of the full slide show for you to review.

Free Bonus 5 – Downloadable PDF printout of the complete written transcript to review at any time.

Live Video Presentations

Part 1

(28 minutes, 39 seconds)

Part 2

(25 minutes, 12 seconds)

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