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Do You Know Your Patient Market?


by Jim Du Molin

Are you surrounded by “Blue Blood Estates,” “Movers & Shakers” and the ultimate “Upper Crust?”

I always knew Suzanne and I lived in a nice neighborhood, but never realized that we had made it to the “Upper Crust” until I popped my zip code into Claritas Inc’s. Prizm database. The company’s newest segmentation system defines every neighborhood in the U.S. in terms of 66 distinct lifestyle types using segmentation techniques.

Just enter your 5-digit ZIP Code and find your neighborhood’s top five segments, along with some descriptive detail about each segment’s lifestyle traits. For example – my 94920 zip code yielded:

Blue Blood Estates

Blue Blood Estates is a family portrait of suburban wealth, a place of million-dollar homes and manicured lawns, high-end cars and exclusive private clubs. The nation’s second-wealthiest lifestyle, it is characterized by married
couples with children, college degrees, a significant  percentage of Asian Americans and six-figure incomes earned by business executives, managers and professionals.

Social Group: Elite Suburbs

Lifestage Group: Accumulated Wealth

2005 Statistics:

  • US Households: 1,059,462 (0.95%)
  • Median HH Income: $113,903
  • Lifestyle Traits
  • Shop at Talbot’s
  • Take a skiing vacation
  • Architectural Digest magazine
  • Scientific American magazine
  • Audi A8
  • Demographics Traits:
  • Ethnic Diversity: White, High Asian
  • Presence of Kids: Kids
  • Age Ranges: 45-54
  • Education Levels: College Graduate
  • Employment Levels: Management
  • Homeownership: Mostly own
  • Urbanicity: Suburban
  • Income: Wealthy
  • Income Producing Assets: High

After reading my profile, I decided I should get out and meet more of my neighbors. Chances are you’ll get even more out of it.

Imagine the unbelievable demographical data that you can get about your patient base from just searching for the top five zip codes surrounding your practice. This is outrageously good stuff!

As a dental marketer, it is absolutely essential that you know your market. This data can help you craft your practice marketing strategy and even your clinical continuing education based on training for the types of dental services
that your patients can appreciate and afford. Go for it.

Swedes and Norwegians study the link between tooth and memory loss

A 20-year Swedish study of age, memory, senility and health has found a link between retaining your natural teeth and retaining your memory. Why? That’s precisely what a team of dentists, psychologists and neurologists is determined
to find out.

The researchers already know that chewing brings oxygen-rich blood to the head (and one chews better with one’s own teeth), but they aren’t sure other whether factors are at play. They’ll also examine whether the number of teeth one has is significant and if titanium implants play a role.

This sounds like another good reason to promote dental implants to your patients.

Of artistry and dentistry

What is art? For one UK 23-year-old, it begins with a few extracted teeth and a lot of spare time. Cordelia Cembrowicz, an art student who had to have her wisdom teeth extracted, carved her pearly whites into miniature tooth fairy
sculptures. She said it’s her own way of challenging “the social conventions of today’s throwaway society.” It takes her about 70 hours to carve each tooth using a drill bit and microscope.

Religious discrimination or old-fashioned disgruntlement?

A Texas dentist is being sued for religious discrimination after allegedly firing an employee for refusing to practice Scientology. The receptionist, who only worked with the practice for a month, claims Dr. K. Mike Dossett regularly
read from the book What is Scientology by church founder L. Ron Hubbard. She also says Dr. Dossett blamed slow business on his employees’ negative energy and encouraged them to use the power of meditation to make the phone ring.

Dr. Dossett, on the other hand, tells a very different tale, alleging that the employee was fired because of poor job performance. He admits to following Hubbard’s business management and organizational techniques, but claims he is
not a Scientologist and has never tried to implement its practices in his office. A local Scientology leader confirms that Dossett used to be a member of the group, but has since parted ways because some of his practices were “contrary to the beliefs and teachings of Scientology.”

So, who’s this week’s zero? We won’t even try to guess. We’re sure, however, that some of you have some interesting tales of your own to share on the topic of disgruntled employees.

Dentist remembered for saving the tooth fairy

A doctor credited with saving the tooth fairy has died from lymphocytic leukemia. Dr. Robert J. Tisch, 65, of Michigan, is well remembered for his love of dentistry and children, often giving presentations for third-graders illustrating the importance of dental care. He is perhaps best known, however, for lobbying against a proposal to classify baby teeth as biohazardous medical waste. His success ensured children could stash their teeth under their pillows in hopes of bribing a certain fairy for a dollar or two.


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