Dental Marketing Ideas – 19

News From The Wealthy Dentist #19 Dental Marketing Newsletter

by Jim Du Molin

Holiday Dental Marketing Strategy

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Dr. Stephen McAnaney of Lake Texoma Dental Care in the Denison, Texas area is
one of my favorite dental practice marketing heroes. Steve and his wife Von
Neita go out of their way to make sure their practice gets noticed in their

Each holiday season they hire a professional lighting company to decorate their
office building with a sophisticated display that not only looks great but also
generates new patients. Your first year is an investment because of the initial
cost of lights. This can range from about $750 to $2,000, depending on the size
of your building and types of lights you use.

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Professional workers come out to your office and hang your lights on your
building, and eventually take them down, without you ever having to get your
hands dirty or risk your neck making like Santa Claus on the roof. Plan on
another $1,000 each year for this service.

When you figure that the average net contribution to the bottom line for an
additional new patient, after all the costs of delivering the dentistry, is at
worst case $500, you would only need six new patients to pay for this the first
year and just two additional new patients in succeeding years. In reality, the
McAnaneys do much better.

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Take a close look at these photos (click to enlarge). You will notice Dr.
McAnaney’s great dental practice sign. Together, the decorated office and the
sign really make a strong impact that says this dental practice is truly
bringing the holiday spirit to the community. It also drives home the point that
this dental office is warm, sophisticated and probably a great place to receive
your dental care.

Steve and Von Neita carried this image over to their personal home. They hired
the same company to create a tasteful display. Once again they showed their
level of sophistication to their neighbors and the community at large. This is
the type of marketing that translates into higher levels of professional respect
and more new patients in the long run. To find a lighting company in your area, just check the Yellow Pages or go online.

For more information about how you can attract more new patients to your dental practice at the lowest possible cost, check out our $1,000.000 Sign tutorial program.

Jim Du Molin

Kate Moss to Buy Veneers for Pete Doherty

The British aren’t generally known for their stellar oral hygiene. Neither are rock stars well known for taking care of their health. One finds some rather unpleasant teeth in the place where Brit meets rock star – and Pete Doherty’s
are at the top of the list.

Luckily, his image-conscious girlfriend Kate Moss has decided to do something about that. She’s announced that she will buy him veneers, and she’s ready to fork over £25,000 (that’s nearly $50,000) to improve his rotten bad-boy smile.

Shortage of Indian Dentists

Located in NE India, the state of Nagaland is suffering from a stunning shortage of dentists. Though the national government recommends one dental surgeon per 1,000 residents, Nagaland has only one per 120,000 people. And yet over 80% of the state’s dental graduates are unemployed.

The Nagaland government has not recruited new dental surgeons in the past ten years, and has consistently denied dental professionals the same training made available to other medical professionals. The Indian Dental Association is
seeking to remedy this situation, both by putting more dentists in the public health system and by offering loans to encourage dentists to set up private practices.

So if you have been worried about your local market demographics shrinking, your problem has just been solved… check out the details below.

Read the full story

Dental Implants from Plundered Corpses

Prosecutors in New York have unearthed a gruesome corpse-plundering ring. With the assistance of funeral directors, employees of Biomedical Tissue Services of Fort Lee, N.J., allegedly took skin, bone and other parts without  permission to do so. The body parts were used for common procedures like dental implants and hip replacements.

Seven funeral home directors have plead guilty so far, though more are believed to be involved. The owner of the biomedical company (a former oral surgeon) and three other men have plead not guilty to harvesting body parts from up to 1,000 corpses. One of the plundered bodies belonged to Alistair Cooke, host of TV’s “Masterpiece Theater.” After he died in 2004, his death certificate and other paperwork were falsified. Other bodies had their leg bones replaced with cheap plastic pipes.

Dentist Suspended for Breaking Inmate’s Jaw

After he broke the jawbone of an inmate patient, Washington state dentist Joel Diven’s license has been suspended. The incident occurred in May at the McNeil Island Corrections Center. While pulling a tooth, the dentist allegedly
fractured the patient’s jawbone and actually removed a portion of it.

The dentist is further accused of abandoning the patient once his distress became apparent. The patient was suffering from profuse bleeding, a decrease in blood pressure, and a compromised airway. He required immediate transport to a
nearby hospital and still suffers pain and loss of function as a result of the surgery.


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