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News from The Wealthy Dentist

Invisalign CE Loses AGD Approval
The AGD will no longer formally recognize Invisalign continuing education. Invisalign doctors will still have to complete 10 hours of Invisalign CE each year, and Invisalign will still offer those courses, but they are no longer nationally recognized by the AGD. You can still get credit for your Invisalign CE, but now you’ll have to submit those hours to your state board for approval. Click to continue to article…

Survey: Insurance Payments Have Dropped
Six out of seven dentists (87%) say that insurance covers less and payments have dropped, this survey found. Only 13% of dentists report that insurance payouts haven’t changed. “The best definition I have heard for an insurance company is a bank that does not give your money back,” griped one dentist. Click to continue to article…

Dental Implants for Pets? Don’t Do It!
We all know that devoted pet owners will spare no expense when it comes to the comfort of their pet. “My cat broke his upper canine tooth and had to have it extracted. Do you think a dental implant is necessary?” asks a pet owner. “Dental implants are not available for cats anywhere in the world,” replies the veterinary expert. Click to continue to article…

Survey Video: Differing ADA Attitudes
n this survey, 48% of dentist respondents said the ADA is an accurate representation of dentists, while 52% feel it’s a tool for specialists to maintain the status quo. One dentist offered this straightforward advice: “ADA should be marketing dentistry like the Milk Foundation does
with the ‘Got Milk’ campaign.” Click to watch the video…


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