Dental Marketing Ideas – 20

News From The Wealthy Dentist #20 Dental Marketing Newsletter


by Jim Du Molin

Wrinkles Be Gone!


A Whole New Market for Dental Lasers

Why wasn’t I surprised to see the announcement by Lares Research of Chico, CA,
telling me about their new dental laser which can be fitted with a set of hand pieces for dermatological use? Just think of the opportunities that are now available to you!

The last five years have seen many practices transitioning into dental day spas
(see Super Spa Story below). Now you can offer laser removal of unwanted hair, wrinkles and spider veins.

The reality is that in an ever-tightening dental marketplace, we will see a significant portion of the dental community add these types of services. It takes little imagination to see dentistry evolving from creating the perfect smile to smoothing out those minor wrinkles surrounding the mouth, then moving
on to touch up the eyes. Have a hint of a moustache? Zap, and it’s gone!

You might think I’m kidding, but California’s oral surgeons have been trying to get approval to do facial reconstructive plastic surgery for years. And, truth be told, they probably deserve the right to do it. My next question is: “How many states have approved these types of procedures for dentists?”

Jim Du Molin

And Now for All You Lonely Guys: Ms. Dewey!

Need something to be thankful about this Thanksgiving? Believe it or not,
Microsoft has provided you with Ms. Dewey. She will answer all your questions about life. For those of you who are too stunned or too shy to come up with your own questions, try
some of these:

Do you whiten your teeth?

Do you have dental implants?

Do you date dentists?

Just some holiday fun…

Man Superglues Own Tooth

Have we mentioned that the NHS is failing to offer British citizens adequate dental care? This problem was highlighted again recently by the story of 55-year-old Gordon Cook, who has been using superglue on a loose front crown for the past three years.

When Mr. Cook moved several years ago, he was unable to find a new NHS dentist. Having read that superglue can be used medically (to treat skin wounds!), he decided to try it in his own mouth. He says that each application lasts about two months and that the biggest risk is using too much glue and gluing one’s mouth shut. Fortunately, Mr. Cook has now found an NHS dentist.

This story reminds me of the anecdotes about little old ladies using superglue on their dentures. I always thought these stories fell into the urban legend category. Maybe not?!

Raiders of the Lost Dental Tomb!

Egyptian tomb raiders, chasing relics in the Saqqara region, began a dig which has unearthed the tombs of three royal dentists. The thieves were apprehended and the dig continued by legitimate archaeologists. Prior to this discovery,
archaeologists had only found a single ancient reference to a dentist. In both cases the men’s names were represented alongside a tooth or tusk hieroglyph.

The graves are over 4,000 years old, as is the Egyptian practice of dentistry. This discovery is important not only in establishing that timeline, but also because the tombs indicate the dentists were highly respected by the pharaoh.
However, the presence of mud bricks in the tombs suggests the dentists were not particularly wealthy. Saqqara, where the graves were unearthed, is a vast necropolis of pyramids and tombs, the majority of which are still undiscovered.

Dental Practice, Meet Salon-Spa

Illinois dentist is selling her practice in a whole new way – she’s created
a “one-stop shop” that includes dentistry, salon, spa and lifestyle services.
Dr. Tina Champion-Harris of Richton Park recently opened That Certain Smile, where dental work is offered alongside hair styling, manicures and pedicures, eyebrow waxing and massage.

The staff includes two dentists, a massage therapist, several hair stylists, a
nail technician, an esthetician – and some even more unexpected collaborators.
The center has a photographer, offers daycare to clients, and offers
consultations with a range of professionals, including a plastic surgeon, life coach, trainer, yoga coach, nutritionist and financial analyst. In fact, Dr. Champion-Harris hopes to eventually open a second center with on-site plastic
surgery capability. She says her goal is to eventually have ten suburban centers.

Not only has Dr. Champion-Harris developed a promising new idea for her dental practice, she’s also gotten free press for doing it. Do you have any ideas on innovative ways to market dental practices?

Biting Down for Dear Life

When a Hungarian skater broke through the ice and found herself submerged in freezing water, she managed to hold onto the ice with her teeth until she could be rescued. The woman, 29, lost the use of her hands as frostbite set in. She
kept her head above water by digging her teeth into the ice. She was spotted and rescued ten minutes after falling in.


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