Dental Marketing Ideas – 21

News From The Wealthy Dentist #21 Dental Marketing Newsletter


by Jim Du Molin

Start Now on Your New Year’s Dental Marketing Campaign

January is traditionally one of the best months to acquire new dental patients for your practice. Three completely different types of patients are all coming into the market at the same time.

  1. People who have put off their dental treatment plans until after the
    November-December holidays.
  2. New Year’s resolution patients who have decided to clean up their dental act as
    part of their new physical fitness program.
  3. Patients who have put off their dental treatment until their dental insurance
    treatment is renewed in the new year.

Group number one, the procrastinators, are already in your practice. All you need to do to get them in the door is to follow through on your normal Chart Audit of patients with uncompleted treatment plans. This means a call from your
dental scheduling coordinator on Wednesday, January 3, 2007, reminding patients that the new year is the right time to complete their treatment.

Group number two are generally not in your practice. These people will be out looking for Cosmetic, Implant, Sedation and Orthodontic dentists in droves! Most of these people will be surfing the Internet to find a dentist that meets their
particular dental need in their local area.

If you don’t already have a comprehensive Internet marketing plan – multiple dental directory listings, email newsletter program, team training on how to convert Internet patients and multiple targeted high-value new patient websites – there is still time to get one in place by the new year. Just call our support team at 877-510-1182 or

click here to schedule an appointment time online

Group three, those patients who have been putting off treatment until their dental insurance benefits are renewed, can be quickly converted into active treatment plans with a simple letter that should be sent to ALL your insurance
patients. It should be mailed Friday, December 29, so that it arrives on January 2, 2007.

Here is a sample letter:

Re: Possible Loss of Dental Insurance Benefits

Dear Mrs. Crawford:

I would like to update you regarding your dental insurance benefits.

Almost all insurance companies renew your dental benefits with the new year.
This means that you can now take advantage of possibly $1,000 or more of
benefits for yourself or your family.

These benefits are part of your employer’s insurance program. They are part of
your total employee compensation package. Do not let your benefits fade away

Please do not wait for the end of the year, when our congested schedule may make
it difficult to accommodate you at a convenient time.

As always, if you have any questions or need any assistance, please don’t
hesitate to call (Office Manager), (Assistant Manager) or myself.

Very truly yours,

Dr. Right Thinker

P.S. I have enclosed two Smile Cards for any friends or relatives who you feel
would benefit from our preventive approach to healthy gums and teeth.

P.P.S Be sure to have your friends mention your name so that we can thank you
personally with a token of our appreciation.

For complete details on “Smile Cards” and 74 other prewritten patient communications letters that can kick-start your dental marketing in the new year,

click here now!

Jim Du Molin

Eighteenth Century Dentures

The Museum of London has put on display a 200-year-old pair of false teeth. Archaeologists in London discovered the teeth along with the body of the Archbishop of Narbonne; the Frenchman died in 1806. His porcelain dentures
include gold springs, and they are thought to be the work of Nicholas De Chemant, a respected Parisian dentist in the 18th century.

Going on Vacation? Don’t Smile!

A British family had to give up a $6,000 Cyprus vacation because their daughter was smiling in her passport photo. British regulations, introduced in 2004, require that travelers maintain a neutral expression with no teeth visible in
their passport photo. This is for the benefit of facial-scanning software used to fight terrorism.

Although the parents of the 10-year-old rushed to replace her photo, they missed the deadline. This unfortunately meant that the family of four had to forfeit their entire vacation.

Heightened British security has led to the rejection of many passport photos. In another case a few months ago, a five-year-old girl’s photo was rejected because she was wearing a halter-neck dress. Citing similar cases, an official claimed the picture was unacceptable because the girl’s bare shoulders might prove offensive in a Muslim country.

Feud Between Rival Dentists Leads to $1M Lawsuit

For the past three years, two Nova Scotia dentists have been at war with each other. The feud began when Dr. Wayne Hills relocated his practice near Dr. Andrew Nette’s office. The chairman of the provincial dental board, Dr. Nette is
accused of encouraging patients to file complaints against Dr. Hills, allegedly telling one patient that Dr. Hills “needed to be stopped.”

Dr. Nette himself lodged several complaints against Dr. Hills; Dr. Hills maintains Dr. Nette abused his board position, investigating claims Nette himself had filed. Dr. Hills began by launching a small-claims case against Dr. Nette. Next, a patient filed a lawsuit accusing Dr. Hills of negligence. Now Dr. Hills has filed suit against Dr. Nette; he is asking for general damages of over $1 million.

Dentists Recycle Crowns for Charity

A dental association in Taiwan is taking recycling to a whole new level – they’re raising money for charities by recycling metals in used dental crowns. Dental amalgam, discarded for years as medical waste, can yield valuable metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

Though it was a tough sell initially, now over 225 dental clinics are participating in the program, donating a total of over 90 pounds of used crowns. The $33,000 profit has benefited charities that include a disabled swimming
association and high-risk tuberculosis patients.


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