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News from The Wealthy Dentist


‘Smilorexia’ & The Linguistically Innovative Dentist
A former cosmetic dentist has been on the PR circuit preaching about the dangers of excessive cosmetic dentistry, and he’s coined a new term to describe it: smilorexia.  According to Dr. Michael Zuk, “The dentist should error on the side of caution when treating people who are obviously obsessed beyond reason with their looks.” But is ‘smilorexia’ really a good term for such a preoccupation? Click to
continue to article…

Survey: What Treatments Dentists Refer Out
When we asked dentists which procedures they refer out, we found lots of variation. Most dentists refer out implant placement, but do implant
restorations in-house. Cosmetics and dentures are generally not referred out, while braces and sedation frequently are. “Some patients have such poor coverage for certain procedures, I’d rather let a specialist do the treatments,” said one dentist. Click to continue to article…

Survey Video: Are the Yellow Pages Still Relevant?
About two out of three dentists market themselves through the Yellow Pages, found our survey. “Antiquated and worthless compared to a well-positioned website,” declared one dentist. “It brings patients, but not necessarily the high fee ones,” offered another . “The rest is up to your internal marketing.”Click to watch the video…


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