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Dental Management: The Value of Entrepreneurism
The Dentists are classic entrepreneurs — they seek to better themselves through education and take economic risks (the cost of education, the cost of opening and managing a dental practice) in pursuit of a better life for themselves and their families. Click to continue to article…
Dentist Survey: How Dentists View Dental Marketing
Dental marketing is key for dentists when using the Internet to drive patients to their dental practice. Considering the fact that the recession has hit some dental practices hard . . . Click to continue to article…
Dental Marketing: Free Beer and Wine! What Next … Topless Hygiene?
Is serving free beer and wine the next big trend in dental marketing? ABCNews reports that dentist Clint Herzog of Dallas, Texas, likes to serve beer and wine to dental patients . . . Click to continue to article…
Dentist Survey: What Is The Average Cost of Dentures? (video)
The Wealthy Dentist conducted a survey that asked dentists if they offer dentures and what their fees for dentures are. 96% of the dentists surveyed offer dentures . . . Click to watch the video…
Results Marketing
“The best client my practice has seen from our IDA practice website marketing yielded an impressive $11,000 profit for dentures,” writes Dr. Stephen McAnaney of Denison, Texas. Read more marketing stories…
Maximize Your Marketing” Video Tutorial
This is a great introductory lesson on how you can quickly and easily amp up your marketing by targeting high-value new patients. You’ll learn how to quantitatively calculate which types of patients most deserve your marketing dollars. Our “New Patient Value Calculator” makes it easy to do it right. Learn more about “Maximize Your Marketing”…


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