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by Jim Du Molin

My Ultimate All-Time Greatest Marketing Campaign (Part II)

Last week we left me in San Francisco in 1982 on the eve of a party where I was to be included in a list of the town’s 100 most eligible bachelors.

It was the day of the big party. I must admit, I was getting more than a little nervous about this marketing campaign to find myself the ultimate woman. I put on some fancy duds and cruised down to the Embarcadero. It was 4:30 in the
afternoon on a bright sunny day. It seemed a little early for a party, but the organizers wanted to have it early to get more media attention. (Based on what I’d heard on the radio, they weren’t suffering from any shortage of media

At the disco, there was a red carpet and several television cameras. Radio guys were trying to get interviews as guests walked down the red carpet. I was getting even more nervous about this.

At the end of the red carpet a woman greeted me. “Welcome. You must be Jim Du Molin.” She pinned a yellow rose to my lapel and told me to go on in.

I walked into the disco. It was a bright sunny day out, and walking into the dark disco was like walking into a theater and waiting for your eyes to adjust to the dark.

I stood awkwardly in the entrance for a moment. As my eyes slowly adjusted to the low light, I noticed the place was crawling with women. Lots of gorgeous women, all looking at the book, looking at me, looking back at the book. I
realized they were searching The Bachelor Book to find out who I was. They had pages marked with grading systems, point systems, paper clips, you name it. And it came to me, all of sudden, that for the first time in my life I was the
“meat” at a meat market! It was great!

Let me tell you, I have never been to a party like that, not before or since.

Loads of women came up to me to give me their business cards and ask me out. It was overwhelming; the ultimate marketing plan was working! After about the tenth business card it occurred to me to put a code system on them so I could remember who was who.

I met two unbelievably beautiful women at this party; I went on to date both of them. Unfortunately, a year later they had each married rich older men. So I was on my own again.

I had rented a post office box just to deal with the mail from this book. I had received about 200 letters but hadn’t answered any of them. Then I got one particular letter at home. It was from a woman who had read the book, and it was
a great letter, intelligent, well thought out, interesting. She also sent a great photo highlighting her curly blond hair and blue eyes.

I said, “Well, I’m going to give this woman a call.”

Later on my partner saw her picture. “Wow. Who’s this?” he asked.

“She sent me a letter. She read The Bachelor Book.”

When he read the letter, he said, “You know, Jim, this woman is perfect for you. I’ve known you now for five years and she’s just what you need. Have you called her?”

I said, “I’ll call her next week. My friend Ralph is coming to town this

My partner reiterated, “You have to promise to call her!” So I promised. That weekend, Ralph, my best friend, came to town and we were having a beer in my apartment. He saw the photo and asked about it. I told him the story and
showed him the letter.

He read the letter. “Jim, this woman is perfect for you. I’ve known you since kindergarten. I roomed with you in college. She is everything you need. Have you called her?”

I said, “I’m going to call her next week.”

Fifteen minutes later (with God as my witness!) the telephone rang. It was Suzanne. She asked why I hadn’t answered her letter.

Nine months later she and I were married. I was a mail-order husband picked out of a catalog. (Not that I have any complaints about that!)

Stay tuned next week to see how my marriage marketing campaign worked out in the long run!

Jim Du Molin

Simon Cowell Wants Everyone to Have Better Teeth

Simon Cowell, best known as the wisecracking British judge of American Idol, has admitted that he loves American dentistry and the straight smiles it creates. Cowell has had cosmetic dental work himself – a fact revealed to the viewing public by his costar Louis Walsh during their X Factor television show.

In a typical act of backhanded generosity, Cowell is now offering to buy new caps for his fellow judge Walsh’s teeth. “It’s a big job,” Cowell said. “In fact, I’ll start with just one tooth this year. Then we can keep going for the
next 20 years.”

Board Cracks Down on Dental Fraud in Oregon

In the past five years, the number of dentists cited for fraud by Oregon’s Board of Dentistry has more than doubled. It is unclear whether this increase is due to a rise in the incidence of dental fraud or simply increased vigilance on the
part of the dental board. The board has been cracking down on dentists who persuade patients to have dental work that is unnecessary, expensive, and sometimes detrimental to the patient’s overall dental health.

One particular incident involved a patient seeking whiter teeth. Her dentist suggested veneers. Unfortunately, the patient suffered damage to eight teeth, underwent root canals on seven teeth, and received a bill for $15,000. The
dentist involved was fined and reprimanded, and the patient awarded $50,000 by a jury. Other complaints against the same dentist include a claim that she tried to convince a patient to replace 22 silver and mercury alloy fillings in order
to avoid mercury poisoning.

In an interesting side note, the Florida Board recently lost its state funding. Currently, the board’s only source of income is fines from doctors. As a result, several doctors have received letters from the board that are clear about the
dollar amount of the fine but ambiguous as to the alleged violations or areas of conflict. A class action suit appears to be in the making.

Australian Patients All HIV-Negative After Dentist Tests Positive — Shades of
Dr. Acer!

More than 500 Australian patients were relieved to find they all tested negative for HIV after having been treated by a dentist who later tested positive for the virus. The Queensland dentist (believed to be a young woman) resigned
immediately upon discovering her status in August.

Queensland’s Chief Health Officer reassured the public that their risk of exposure was very low, but encouraged patients to be tested for their own peace of mind. Although the threat of HIV is still a serious one, doctor-to-patient
transmission has been documented in less than ten cases worldwide, and not a single case has been recorded in Australia.

Faked Data Costs Norwegian Researcher His Dental License

A well-known Norwegian cancer researcher has had his dental and medical licenses revoked after he admitted falsifying data and publishing the fraudulent results. Jon Sudbo, 44, had authored articles on mouth cancer for such esteemed medical journals as The Lancet and The New England Journal of Medicine. He resigned from his prominent Oslo positions after the scandal broke, and he is not appealing the Norwegian Board of Health’s decision to suspend his licenses.

One of the board’s particular concerns was the potential harm to patients if other practitioners used his research as the basis for treatment. Fortunately, no evidence has been found that Sudbo’s actions led to any actual injuries.


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