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by Jim Du Molin

My Ultimate All-Time Greatest Marketing Campaign (Part III)

For the past few weeks I’ve been relating how I found myself the perfect wife through a brilliantly effective marketing campaign. If you haven’t been following along, you’ll probably want to catch up on

Part I
and Part II — the story of how my bachelor marketing campaign landed me a better wife than I ever could have hoped for!

My relationship with my wife has been going strong for 23 years now. It all started from a marketing campaign, one that lead to incredible results. (In fact, the only downside was that she made me give up the red E-type Jaguar
convertible. But that’s another story…)

The bottom line is: marketing works. Now, let’s take a look at my campaign.

First of all, choose systems that complement your personality. (See my previous editorial, All Dental Marketing is Systems.) It didn’t bother me to be in a book that was distributed to the whole world — I was soon speaking to 1,000 people at a time about dental marketing, so shyness wasn’t a problem.

Second, choose marketing systems that have the lowest cost of acquisition. It cost me absolutely nothing to get into that book. Absolutely nothing! It’s hard to beat that price.

Thirdly, you should target the types of new patients you want and screen out the undesirables. In my case, I targeted exactly the kind of woman I wanted. I was very specific in my marketing, and I got just what I wanted. (Whether she got what she wanted, well, that’s another thing!)

Finally, you want marketing strategies that preheat the patient for case acceptance. The book preheated Suzanne. I was one of 100 straight eligible bachelors in San Francisco featured in The Bachelor Book, a truly unique group of people.

She was preheated, and I was legitimized by the book.

So you see, the beauty of marketing is that the rules stay the same, no matter what you’re trying to sell. Whether you’re searching for new patients or a marriage partner, if you follow these simple rules of marketing, you can make it
happen. It worked for me in my personal life!

But it’s not just about me and my life. I truly feel that if you carefully select your dental marketing systems based on the four criteria we have discussed, you too can have the Ultimate Marketing Campaign.

Jim Du Molin

James Brown Dies after Dentist Discovers Pneumonia

James Brown, veteran R&B music legend, died early Christmas morning at age 73. A public funeral service for the “Godfather of Soul” was held at the Apollo Theater in New York where Brown was eulogized by his longtime friend the Reverend Al Sharpton. The Apollo’s marquee read “Rest in Peace Apollo Legend The Godfather of Soul James Brown, 1933-2006.”

The singer’s death was unexpected. On Friday 12/22 he held his annual toy giveaway. On Saturday, he visited his dentist in Atlanta. The dentist was concerned with Brown’s cough and recommended he see a doctor immediately. Diagnosed with acute pneumonia, Brown was admitted to Atlanta’s Emory Crawford Long Hospital on Christmas Eve and passed away early Monday morning.

Although the intervention of Brown’s dentist was not enough to save his life, this story highlights the important role dentists can play in the general health of their patients. You never know when you might be the only medical
professional standing between a patient and an impending medical disaster!

Favorite Celebrity Smiles

The results are in from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s annual poll! And here are the celebrities whose smiles topped the list:



female celebrity smile

Maria Sharapova: Best

female athlete smile

Tiger Woods: Best

male athlete smile


Matthew McConaughey

Best male celebrity smile

Julia Roberts: Most

requested celebrity

Hilary Duff:

Best teen smile


Where Would Hockey Players Be Without Dentists?

The old joke asks: ” What has 30 eyes and 20 teeth?”

The answer, of course: “The bench at a hockey game.”

There’s a long relationship between hockey players and dentists. No other sport
has such a reputation for knocking out teeth. But fortunately for the players of
the game, today’s dentists are keeping players’ mouths looking far better than
in years past. Face masks and mouth guards prevent many injuries, and missing
teeth rarely stay that way for long.

The history of hockey, however, is a crash course in emergency dentistry. Tom Reid, now a radio personality, recalled the injuries he suffered while playing for the Minnesota North Stars. In one case a tooth broke when the puck hit him
in the mouth; Reid packed chewing gum around the open nerve to finish the game, then had the tooth pulled out in the locker room.

Hockey might be the most dramatic, but most sports bring the same possibilities of lost or broken teeth. You might remind your athletic patients of the risks they face and encourage them to wear mouth guards – because we all know “You look like a hockey player” isn’t a dental compliment!

Robbery in the Dentist’s Waiting Room!

In Ohio, two men robbed a patient who was waiting for a dental appointment. Shortly after 8:00am, the two men entered the waiting room of a Westlake dental office. They robbed the patient at knifepoint of about $25, then fled the scene.

Police pursued the suspects, who crashed their car into a pole and attempted to run away on foot. Both men were apprehended and charged with robbery. The truly interesting thing about this story is that these losers never thought to rob the dentist. What does this say about the profession?

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