Dental Marketing Ideas – 27

News From The Wealthy Dentist #27 Dental Marketing Newsletter


by Jim Du Molin

A New Year’s Dental Marketing Campaign You Can’t Refuse

Lots of internet surfers are looking for dentists. Each month, generates up to 25,000 requests for dentists, and over 100,000 people visit the fifteen affiliated Dental Information Portals. If you’re looking for high-value,
targeted new dental patients at an affordable cost, this is the place to start.

Better yet, for the month of January, we have a special introductory offer for new subscribers! Maintain a minimum promotional account balance of $50 and get an additional $50 promotional credit free.

You can target fifteen different high-value patient categories (such as Cosmetic, Implant, Sedation, Ortho, etc.) by city or zip code. Appointment requests are automatically emailed and faxed directly to your office. Our monthly agreement requires no long-term contracts. You can go online anytime to adjust which patient categories and geographic markets you want to target. Our service even includes a calculation of your ROI each month sent right to your inbox.

For complete details, call our support team at (888) 476-4886, or

schedule an appointment online

Dental Marketing Hero Dr. Jeff Clay Does It Again!

Recently we saw Dr. Jeff Clay’s unique Christmas radio marketing campaign “All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth”. Well, he’s done it again — in spades! Working from our dental signage story on electronic signs, Dr. Clay has just completed his own version. Here’s his email to me:


I thought you might want to see some photos of my new sign. When I met you, it
took an hour to convince me to run a small ad in the phonebook, and look at me
now. You have created a monster! The sign is 6’ x 12’. Of the 6’ in height, 2’
is the LED panel. I am a little shell-shocked over the $40K price tag, but I’m
figuring I am going to get my money back on ROI. Better than going to Vegas and
blowing it! Thanks for all you have taught me. I count you as a true friend.

I’ll send you better photos later. We plan on putting stone around the base of
the foundation and it will also look better in the spring when we get some grass
growing around it.



Click on the photo to see how Dr. Clay has used his electronic reader board
to stream his phone number as a call-to-action statement along with his ability to focus his marketing on his primary high-value new patient markets. Nice work,

Jim Du Molin


Tales from Home Dentistry: Farmhand Turns Stones into Teeth

This stone tooth is more
than most driveway gravel.

One can’t help but marvel at the brave souls who undertake home dentistry
projects. David Kruithoff, a farmhand from Lakeview, Michigan, is a stunning
example. He’d lost several teeth, but didn’t want dentures and couldn’t afford
implants. So he searched his driveway for stones that looked like teeth, ground
them until they fit, and glued them in place.

As you probably guessed, he discovered that stones are not good replacement
teeth. Kruithoff eventually switched to a plastic base. He’s been quoted as
saying that home dentistry is “a real learn-as-you-go process.” He should know –
in addition to replacing his teeth, he also gave himself two root canals without
any anesthetic. And, as he hasn’t yet died of starvation or infection, one could
argue that his work has been a success…

UK Cracks Down on Tooth Whitening by Non-Dentists

Britain’s General Dental Council has prosecuted a non-dentist for performing a tooth-whitening procedure. Ben Nahab pled guilty to a charge of “illegal practice of dentistry” stemming from a May 2006 procedure. He was convicted and
ordered to pay a fine.

Nahab’s was the first such case in the UK. The GDC is seeking a landmark ruling, hoping to eliminate the practice altogether. As tooth whitening has become more popular, British dentists have grown increasingly concerned about the safety of such procedures when not carried out by registered dental professionals. The GDC is expected to now pursue offenders more aggressively.

Read the whole story

NHS Moving Forward with Electronic Care Records

England has approved a plan to develop a centralized database of patient records as part of a ten-year, $12 billion plan by the NHS to upgrade its IT capabilities. The proposed system would link 30,000 physicians and dentists with
over 300 hospitals, allowing all to view the records of as many as 50 million patients. Supporters stress that timely access to important information such as allergies and medications can help save lives in emergency situations.

Privacy concerns have led many to be suspicious of the plan. Doctors’ groups have voiced fears that patient-doctor relationships will be undermined if confidentiality is not maintained. The NHS hopes to sidestep such worries by
restricting access to the database and allowing patients to control the information contained in their records.

Is a centralized database of medical records inevitable, or will confidentiality always trump convenience? Read the story here.

Yet Another Unlicensed Dentist Gets Busted

A Miami man has been arrested for the second time in less than a year for practicing dentistry without a license. According to the Florida Department of Health, the problem of unlicensed medical practitioners is especially prevalent
in South Florida. The state’s Medical Crimes Unit usually makes an arrest at least once a week.

Last May, Anselmo Fraga-Marrero, 40, was arrested when he was caught practicing dentistry without a license in a Hialeah home. After his release, he apparently continued operating out of a Westchester home. Fraga-Marrero faces additional charges for possession of prescription drugs. As this is his second offense, he faces up to one year in prison.

Also in the News…

Dentist Accused of Practicing Without License Since 1989


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