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by Jim Du Molin

ADA Proposal Effectively Cuts Care to Tens of Millions of Current and Future Dental Patients!

On December 15th, while the rest of us were preparing to celebrate the holidays, the ADA’s Committee on  Anesthesiology quietly unveiled revisions to its anesthesia guidelines. These changes would effectively end the ability of all but oral surgeons, dental anesthesiologists and those dentists already offering IV sedation to provide patients with oral conscious sedation (OCS) dentistry.

Does this sound like a power and money grab to anyone but me? For what other purpose are the oral surgeons and dental anesthesiologists trying to carve out and monopolize another segment of the dental profession? This segment has been almost exclusively developed by the general dental community as a way to reach out to those patients too fearful to even look at a dental office, let alone have a needle stuck in their arm.

If you are one of the 7,000-plus dentists who currently practices safe, effective oral sedation dentistry, you will soon be toast along with the time you have invested in training and equipment. If you don’t currently offer oral
sedation dentistry but think it may be a service you would like to provide one day, you are about to be cut off at the knees by the very specialists you keep in business with your referrals.

Think it through. Approving this proposal would be akin to banning the placement of dental implants or braces by general dentists.

These regulations are coming to you courtesy of the specialists in the name of “safety,” ignoring the millions of patients who have already safely and successfully been treated using oral sedation dentistry. There is no known evidence that oral sedation dentistry, as practiced according to existing ADA guidelines, has ever resulted in an injury or fatality to a patient.

This ADA committee claims to be protecting dental patients by chasing them away from their current dentists. By now you should be mad as hell and ready to take action!

In preparing this report, I have borrowed heavily from Team1500, a group of dentists who aren’t going to take it any more and are doing something about it. If you want to take back control of your future and keep your patients in your
practice where they belong, I strongly suggest you and work with them to protect
your rights and livelihood.

Jim Du Molin

Survey: Dentists Prefer Barack

In The Wealthy Dentist’s weekly poll, we recently asked: If the Dems take the
White House in 2008, who would you rather see sitting in the Oval Office —
Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama?

Nearly three out of four dentists we polled said they would prefer Barack to
Hillary. (Do you suppose this means people love Obama, or that they hate
Clinton?) One of the most interesting results was that men were twice as likely
to prefer Hillary Clinton as were women. (So much for sisterhood.) You can also

more detailed results

Is Massachusetts Town Liable for Dental Damages Caused by Town Clerk’s Candy

A Massachusetts woman wants her town to help pay her dental bill after a run-in with the candy jar at Abington Town Hall. Joanne Harding, 40, was at the town clerk’s office attending to administrative issues when the candy caught her eye. She helped herself to a Tootsie Roll – and then broke her tooth on it.

She’s now looking at a $4,000-$5,000 dental bill. Harding acknowledges her role
in the dental mishap but feels she’s not entirely to blame. “I took the candy, so it’s partially my fault,” she told a local newspaper. “I wouldn’t have taken it if it wasn’t there.” The town manager would make no predictions on the outcome, leaving the decision up to Abington’s insurance carrier.

Read more

Posh Spice’s Bitchy Persona May Have Developed from Dental Insecurities

Victoria Beckham achieved fame in the 1990’s as Posh Spice of the Spice Girls. After the group disbanded, she remained in the limelight thanks to her marriage to renowned soccer player David Beckham. The two have rigned supreme for years as one of the UK’s hottest power couples, and now they’re the toast of LA with best buds Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Victoria is rich, famous, and incredibly thin. So why does she always look so unhappy?

The answer could be a lot simpler than you might think. Beckham grew up ashamed of her teeth, which were somewhat crooked and had a gap in the front. She’s also described them as “horsey.” So she developed a pouty look early in life to cover them up. She’s also fond of large sunglasses, which she feels draw attention away from her mouth.

Of course, these days Beckham has more than enough money to fix her teeth. A few years ago she made the news for spending over $40,000 on tooth-whitening treatments that cost a reported $4,400 per tooth. Her husband David is rumored to have undergone the same treatments.

“I don’t smile, do I? I’m supposed to be a miserable bitch,” she was quoted as saying at the launch of her fashion book. Though she acknowledges her reputation, insiders report she’s grown self-conscious of her trademark pout and fears it makes her the object of ridicule.

Meanwhile, the online community has no shortage of theories as to the source of Posh Spice’s refusal to smile – theories that go way beyond hiding horse teeth. Numerous newsgroups have posed the question, “Why doesn’t Victoria Beckham ever smile?” Here are some highlight answers:

  • “She can’t smile because food might accidentally fly into her mouth.”
  • “She has too much of everything.”
  • “She’s married to a metrosexual, why would she be happy?”
  • “David is actually gay, and she’s terrified the ‘truth’ will ‘come out’.”
  • “You’d be tense too if 90% of the women in the world and 10% of the men were
    trying to bang your husband.”
  • “I don’t think robots smile…”

So if any of you in LA or London get a call from Victoria, see if you can’t give her a cheerier smile!

Dentist’s Policy of Dismissing Patients Who Miss Appointments Stirs Controversy

A Georgia mother wrote a letter to the editor blasting a local dentist for his policy of dismissing patients who miss an appointment. She and her family had visited the dentist for years. The family even self-paid all their dental bills.
They had always been happy with his treatment and chairside manner.

All that changed when her son missed an appointment. Rather than charging a standard fee, the practice sent him a letter in the mail dismissing him. The family’s repeated efforts to have the dental practice reinstate him as a patient
all came to nothing, even after the dentist himself promised to add the son’s name to his patient list.

When her husband missed an appointment – even though he called the dental office within thirty minutes – the consequences were even more severe. The entire family was summarily dismissed from the practice. The family’s mother, who had never missed an appointment herself, was so steamed she went public with her story.

What do you think – is this a legitimate penalty for missing an appointment, or has this dentist gone off the deep end? Read the original letter here.

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