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  • Top the Search Engines! – PPC Marketing Part 4
  • Dentistry Meets Genealogy
  • Heroes and Zeros!


Dentistry Meets Genealogy


A New Patient Service: Is this one right for you?

As a dentist, you wear a number of hats. You provide dental health care, ease anxious minds and listen to your patients’ problems day in and day out. You’re a doctor, a psychologist (though not by your own making) and a teacher. Now you can add one more to the list: Genealogist.

A company called DNAPrint Genomics has announced a new program that will let you offer DNA testing to patients who want to learn more about who they are and where they come from. Putting aside whether this is an appropriate role for a dentist to play, let’s look at what they offer.

The test surveys 176 Ancestry Informative Markers (AIMs) to provide an inference of genetic ancestry or heritage. It can identify which major bio-geographical groups one is a part of, including: Sub -Saharan African, European, East Asian or Native American. A second test can determine European sub-ancestry, reporting one’s percentages for each ancestry group: Southeastern European, Northeastern European, Middle Eastern and South Asian.

So, how would it work on your end? Just contact DNAPrint to request some kits. These ANCESTRYbyDNA test kits allow you to provide sampling in a hygienic environment with a simple mouth swab. Then, forward them to DNAPrint for analysis. Confidential test results will be sent directly to patients, so there’s no hassle for you. Collect the full cost from your patients ($219). Keep 25 percent for yourself, and send in the rest with the kit. That’s about $50 profit for very little work.

The question: Is this really a service you want to offer?


Top the Search Engines!

PPC Marketing Part 4

For $0.10 to $100 a click, your name and ad are now at the top of the search engine results for Cosmetic Dentist New York. Aren’t you proud to see your name at the top? Isn’t it amazing what money can buy? Unfortunately, what you are buying is Web positioning and visitors – not patients.

The fact is those visitors must be converted to new patient appointment requests. Sounds easy, but consider that 90 percent of dental Web sites are so badly designed that even finding an address is a major investigative feat.

The top 4 reasons dental Web sites can fail:

  1. The number one rule for all marketing is
    “Ask and You Shall Receive.”
    You must ask for the appointment on every page of the site! This means an obvious link to your appointments page – think “Make an Appointment Here.”
  2. You forgot to put your practice’s address and phone number on every page of your site!About 80 percent of the potential dental patient market is making its buying decision based on geographic proximity. It’s also critical that your phone number is always visible.
  3. You forget to have at least four different email response forms, including:
    • A New Patient Appointment Request Form
    • A Recall/Recare Appointment Request Form
    • A Special Promotion Response Form (Free Cosmetic Exam, Save 50 percent on Whitening, etc.)
    • A Practice Newsletter Registration Form
  4. Too much flash and dance and not enough real content. Consumers are trying to make a decision on a dentist or dental procedure. They are not visiting your site for a 60 second mini-movie of flashy graphics!

The bottom line is that unless you have a well-designed Web site that can convert potential new patients into appointment requests, you are wasting your dental marketing budget on PPC marketing.

To learn about how to create an Internet marketing campaign that works, download our complimentary video program: “Internet Tutorial #1: Advanced Web Site Strategies to Generate High-Value New Patients!”

– Jim Du Molin


Divine Marketing
Jesus in x-ray?
Some see Jesus in this dental x-ray. Do you?

A patient enters a dental office for a routine exam, but walks out a religious celebrity after his x-rays revealed what some believe is the face of Jesus. The man, a devout Christian, says he has never seen the image in his x-rays before.

The radiograph is bound to attract a lot of attention to the doctor’s practice, but only you can decide who you believe truly put this marketing miracle in motion.

Heroes and Zeros

Dentist’s Dubious Pay Scheme Gets Negative Press

There are bad bosses, and then there are those who are so awful that they make healines. Such is the case for one New York dentist who skimmed about $100 off the top of each employee’s paycheck to supplement his own income after a rash of appointment cancellations following 9/11. The general public found the scheme so horrific that they named him the worst boss in the United States in an online contest sponsored by Working America.

Paper-Made Millionaire Goes to Court

It appears that our friends in the UK are experiencing some of the same problems with fraud that we are in North America. A UK dentist who charged the NHS for thousands of dollars worth of treatment he never carried out is paying the price. A judge ruled he must sell off the property empire his fraudulent stash built and turn over other assets, including a nice chunk of change borrowed from his sister. He’s now thousands in debt and can look forward to a hefty bill from his defense team.


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