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I’m Jim Du Molin, editor of newsletter. For over 25 years my wife Suzanne and I have worked as dental management, marketing and financial advisors with hundreds of doctors and their spouses. We have spoken to thousands of dentists and their teams providing a comprehensive set of dental marketing ideas, tips and tools.

Our job in dentistry has been to build wealth and financial security for our doctors through an ongoing program of dental marketing tutorials. Our philosophy is that “Wealth is the Natural Result of Doing What’s Right for Your Patients.

Online Dental Marketing Ideas, Tips and Tools from The Wealthy Dentist University

We put together the Wealthy Dentist University as our way of helping doctors through these tough economic times.

The Wealthy Dentist University has over $20,000 worth of training programs and dental practice marketing tools, including:

  • Complete library of dental marketing and practice management video strategy courses
  • Online tools & dental practice marketing calculators
  • Archive of webinar interviews on hot dental topics

You’ll also receive our weekly dental marketing and management newsletter that covers the latest issues important to your dental practice. Each week we feature one of the programs in our Video Library.Dental marketing tutorials & dental management continuing education

These video tutorials can be viewed online over and over, and include bonus files including step-by-step checklists, role-playing scripts, and implementation guides for doctor and team members.

30-day guarantee

If you aren’t 100% satisfied, simply request a refund during your first 30 days. Plus, you’ll get to keep any training materials you downloaded.

Dental marketing tutorials & dental management continuing education

A Personal Note from Jim Du Molin

Since 1982, I’ve Shown Dentists Just Like You How To Master Practice-Building Successfully, Achieve Wealth Doing Your Own Thing, Become A Leader in Your Community – And Do It Faster Than You Could Ever Do It On Your Own…

Dear Doctor,

All my career life I heard: “Jim, you have a choice and it’s this: You can either be happy – or you can make a lot of money – but you can’t have both.”

So I bought into the myth that my only option is to toil away at some high stress, low satisfaction job until some far off retirement. Then I get to be happy.

But a part of me knew darn well – and I think you will agree – that it really is possible to master something you truly love AND to have more control over your time and your life. Deep down you and I know it’s not “wishful thinking” to have a successful practice.

I’ve helped several thousand dentists re-create their practices and advance their careers. And I can help you, too. Just being here, you’re already further along than most people.

For one, you know what you want. You want to know that your dentistry, your “practice-life” has meaning and purpose. And that your practice brings in money and satisfaction. You even want to do something that leaves the world a better place. But, frankly that’s not enough, is it?

There’s also the “life side” of your “Work-Life Equation” and that is important, too. For you this means having an “accomplished life” where you master not just your practice but your life, your time, your destiny. The Wealthy Dentist University is designed to help you discover, follow, and achieve your dream… FAST!

You’ll find The Wealthy Dentist University can equip you with both the essential marketing tools and personal guidance you need to get on the path that makes the most sense for you… the path that will take you to a life where you’re passionate about what you’re doing. A life where you have more time for what’s most important… more freedom… more control… and more satisfaction and accomplishment.

Please… let’s take this journey together. I’m very excited about The Wealthy Dentist University and sharing my vision with you.

Yours for growth, accomplishment and busy busy prosperous days ahead,

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Jim Du Molin

Dental marketing tutorials & dental management continuing education

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