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1. The LeadFire New Dental Patient Solution

Are you interested in getting more new dental patient leads at no risk?

That’s exactly what the LeadFire New Patient Solution offers. The only thing you ever pay for is real, verified new patient leads.



2. Dental Marketing & Management Training Programs & Tutorials was created as a way for me to distribute the dozens of dental marketing strategies and management training programs we developed over the last twenty years as part of our MasterPlan Alliance dental management consulting company. While we no longer provide one-on-one dental consulting services, we do want to maintain our long-standing relationship with our past clients and good friends in the dental community.

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Internal Marketing tutorial

Internal Marketing and Communications

All you need to know about communicating with your existing patients and how to quadruple your patient referral rate! Once in place, this internal marketing strategy cuts the cost of all your other marketing efforts in half! Why? Because every new patient will add an additional new patient when you use this program.

Maximize Your Marketing dentist tutorial

Maximize Your Marketing: Target High-Value Patients

This is a great introductory lesson on how you can quickly and easily amp up your marketing. Our “New Patient Value Calculator” will help you quantitatively calculate which types of patients you should spend your marketing dollars on. This two-part video reveals how you can turn your marketing from a profit-draining expense into a profit producing system. You know what they say about “low-hanging fruit”? Well, the same goes for your patients.

Dental Signage video tutorial

Designing The $1,000,000 Dental Sign

Everything you need to know to design and position your sign. The economics of good dental signage are too important to just wing it. A well-designed set of signs (meaning more than one) can easily put a $1,000,000.00 extra into your pension fund for retirement. Plus, tips on how to pick the best location for a new dental facility.

Chart Audits Dental Management Video Tutorial

The $10,000 a Month Dental Chart Audit

There’s additional revenue in your dental charts if only you know to extract it. This comprehensive program includes two video lessons and complete downloadable forms for conducting chart audits. You really can net $10,000 a month from chart audits alone! If you haven’t been doing chart audits – or if you haven’t been doing them right – you could be losing some serious income. They’re the key to filling holes in your schedule.

Front Desk Dental Marketing Machine

Turn Your Front Desk into an Outrageous Marketing Machine

Improving your front desk’s marketing skills is one of the most effective ways to increase your profitability. These 3 video lessons cover how to convert high-value new patient leads into dental appointments. This is one of our core internal marketing strategies. Once in place, it has the potential to DOUBLE the number of new patients in your chair. Why? Because up to 50% of your new patient calls are lost at the front desk! To maximize the marketing power of your front desk, your team will need scripts and examples. In this tutorial, you’ll get step-by-step phone answering scripts, training examples and tools.

Do-It-Yourself Dental Practice Brochure

Do-It-Yourself Dental Practice Brochure

Have you ever wanted to create a brochure for your dental practice? This tutorial shows you how to do just that. You’ll get all the materials you need: video lesson, office brochure template, and pre-written content for your dental marketing brochure.

Setting Dental Fees Video Lesson

Setting Dental Fees for Maximum Case Acceptance

Are you selling yourself short or losing patients with your fees? You should raise your fees regularly to keep up with inflation, and you can do it in a way that doesn’t alienate your patients. If your practice hasn’t raised its fees in the past 6-12 months, then you’re not as profitable as you could be! In this online video tutorial, we review strategies on how to set dental fees, inform patients, and deal with insurance.

Case Presentation dentist tutorial

Increase Your Case Acceptance by 25% (or $125,000)

Improving your case presentation for maximum case acceptance is one of the simplest ways to increase your practice’s profitability. It’s all in your case presentation, the financial options you offer, and how your financial coordinator presents these options to patients. The three videos included in this lesson focus on increasing your collections percentage, eliminating doctor billing, and having written financial agreements for every treatment plan over $300.

Associate Analysis tutorial

Convert Your Practice into Cash at Retirement: Structuring an Associate/Buy-out Program

Convert your practice into cash at retirement through your associate agreement! We’ll walk you through how to analyze the financials of your practice and structure the best associate agreement. This comprehensive program covers bringing an associate into your practice for maximum profitability and retirement security.


3. Dental Marketing Knowledgebase

4. Online Dental Marketing & Dental Management Education from The Wealthy Dentist University

The lessons listed above are also available through The Wealthy Dentist University. Members have access to over $20,000 worth of continuing dental education programs for dental practice marketing and management.

Each lesson includes one or more video tutorials as well as downloads, which may include step-by-step checklists, role-playing scripts, implementation guides for doctor and team members, etc.

In addition to the library of dental marketing and practice management video tutorials and strategy lessons, TWDU also offers a complete archive of dental marketing ideas, tips and tools on a wide range of topics.30-day guarantee

If you aren’t 100% satisfied, just request a refund during your first 30 days.

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