Dentists Disagree on Which Dental Marketing Vectors Works Best

dental marketing vectorsIf you listen to the buzz about the dental marketing on the Internet, dentists might be inclined to believe that traditional dental marketing vectors such as direct mail and radio are dead.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

While it’s true the rise and popularity of the Internet and dental search has changed the game, it has actually opened up greater ways for you to connect with more dental patients than ever before.

An Integrated Aopproach

Dental practices should be looking at an integrated marketing approach, utilizing a combination of dental marketing vectors, both new and traditional, for a more effective market saturation over doing one alone.

Here, at the Wealthy Dentist, we decided to ask dentists which marketing vector has been most successful for their dental practice.

Here are the responses:

  • Internet 28%
  • Direct mail 21%
  • Yellow Pages 17%
  • Internal Marketing 21%
  • Radio 0%
  • TV 7%
  • Signage 3%
  • Referrals 3%

Here’s what dentists had to say about marketing vectors:

“The Internet, direct mail, and internal marketing have been the best marketing vectors for us. The best marketing vector is internal marketing.” (Ohio prosthodontist)

“Patient referrals are first, followed by an even tie between yellow pages and the Internet.” (California dentist)

“98% of our new dental patients still come from the recommendations of existing patients.” (Illinois dentist)

“We get some insurance referrals, and have one or two PPO’s.” (California dentist)

“Our direct mailer is supposedly still building up momentum.” (General dentist)

“As far as direct mail, Valpak has been surprisingly wonderful for us. I was very hesitant to do Valpak advertising until I started collecting the data on our return on investment. Our Valpak ad has produced phenomenal results for our office!” (Ohio prosthodontist)

“I think the Yellow Pages are soon to be nonexistent.” (Oklahoma dentist)

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