Dental Marketing Promotions: Have You Put Dental Work on Sale? (video)

Dental Marketing PromotionsDental marketing promotions and sales on dental treatment can bring more patients into a dentist’s office. But if you run the wrong promotion, you might be overrun by the wrong kind of patients.

25 percent off dental hygiene can be a good dental practice promotion, but free painkiller prescriptions with every appointment would not be a good promotion.

“Discounting only works if you are trying to attract new dental patients.” said an Illinois pediatric dentist.

“For higher-end dental practices, you have to be careful so promotions don’t come off cheesy.” wrote a Pennsylvania dentist.

Dental Marketing Promotions

The Wealthy Dentist conducted a survey that asked dentists if their practices are running any sales or dental marketing promotions. This survey found that 1 out of 3 dentists is currently running sales or a promotion.

To watch the survey video click play…

Dentists offered several promotion suggestions –

We offer discounts of 15-20 percent, but only for those without dental insurance.
“It has made a difference with patients getting the work done, as they feel they are getting some help with the economy.” said one Arizona dentist.

One ad offers $100.00 off any dental service.
Another ad is good for $50.00 off every $500.00 spent. ‘Free tooth whitening for life’ works as well as the in-office dental patient referral system,” wrote one Colorado dentist, “Another offer that’s working is $1,000.00 off on any Invisalign case with up-front payment.”

When it comes to promo offers, you really just want to make a token offer. Giving dental patients a small discount can be a great way to show appreciation and good faith. If you offer up a huge discount, you’re only going to attract those patients who really don’t want to pay for care.

So be cautious in your dental marketing when making a promotional offer.

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