Dental Marketing: Radio Advertising

Dental Marketing: Radio AdvertisingDental marketing is all about efficiency. It’s always best to keep doing the things that work and provide the most bang for the buck.

I’m one of the biggest proponents of radio advertising in the dental marketing industry, because I’ve worked with so many practices who have seen great success from it. My company, Ridgway Consulting, is best known for our dental practice radio campaigns.

That being said, it’s not right for every practice.

Radio is a broadcast medium like TV. This is significant, because the radio signal often reaches a larger geographic area than what you might normally consider your practice’s base. Depending on the population in your area, most patients are within 5 to 20 miles of your practice.

By contrast, some radio stations have the signal strength to reach listeners who are hours away.

The challenge with an enormous broadcast “reach” like that is cost. When you advertise on the radio, you get what you pay for. That means radio stations charge you based upon the amount of listeners.

So the problem is this:

How can you be efficient with your marketing dollars when some of it is spent to reach people who won’t travel that far to your dental office?

The answer is simple. You need to have something that distinguishes you from the competition.

When Does Radio Advertising Make Sense?

Radio advertising only makes sense if you can offer something the other local practices are not offering. You need to give people a reason to pass by all the dental offices that are closer to their work and home, and make you their dentist of choice. That unique service, whether it be Invisalign, dental implants, sedation dentistry, or whatever, also needs to be a relatively profitable service.

It’s difficult to make an acceptable ROI when you advertise a low-dollar service like cleanings or tooth whitening. Instead, use radio advertising for something like sedation dentistry. One big case, from someone who’s been away from dentistry for years, can pay for months of radio time.

Ed Ridgway has executed marketing campaigns for hundreds of businesses in the U.S. and Canada. He is nationally recognized for his ongoing campaigns with many of the top dental practices across the country.

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