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Dental Signs tutorialWe have been helping doctors design and position their dental practice signs for over fifteen years. The issues are much more complex than just what to say on your dental office sign. You have to take into consideration the position of the signs relative to the building and the flow of traffic. And, of course, observe the all-important signage zoning codes.

The economics of good dental signage are too important to just wing it. A well-deigned set of signs can easily put $1,000,000 extra into your pension fund for retirement.Click here to get your copy now

To tell the truth, I’ve given this dental sign lecture at least 200 times, and I’m getting tired of repeating myself – probably along the lines of how you feel about telling patients to floss and brush.

So I decided to put the whole program online as a video training program with slides and a bunch of extras. I’ll even walk you through my “Stealth Signage” program on how to get high visibility in areas where signage is restricted!

The nice thing is that I’ve totally updated the presentation with a whole new batch of examples (both good and bad!) of dental office signs. I even talk about site selection for a new dental office facility based on drive-by traffic flow.

Click here to get your copy now
The video tutorial is about thirty minutes long and includes all of the following:

  • How to generate from 10 to 30 additional new patients a month with a well-positioned set of dental signs!
  • The economics of dental signage and how to add $1,000,000 or more to your bottom line over the life of your office sign.
  • How to pay for the cost of your new facility with new patients from properly positioned dental signs –Tip: don’t contract for a new facility until you’ve heard this!
  • Learn how to position a “Monument” vs. a “Pole” dental sign and which is best.
  • Learn exactly how big, how bright and how tasteful your sign should be.
  • Learn the four dental sign elements you MUST have, and the the two that are optional – and how to position them and prioritize them.
  • Learn how to negotiate with the local signage companies – Tip: they are virtually all thieves!
  • How to use your dental office sign to “Preheat” your new patients for higher case acceptance.
  • When, and more importantly, when not to, put your office logo on your dental signs.
  • Learn the secret of how to protect your signage against graffiti artists and vandals.
  • Learn how to update “Tired” signs for next to no money.
  • How to double your new patients when you have walk-by traffic.
  • How to turn your office windows into landmark entertainment centers promoting your dentistry.
  • Learn why spending $40,000-plus on signage might just be the best dental marketing investment you ever made.

Click here to get your copy now

If that’s not cause enough to celebrate, I’ll also throw in…

Five Free Bonuses!

In addition to the 2-part Internet Video Training Program that you can watch over and over again, you’ll also get:

Free Bonus 1Fifteen full-color examples of the good, the bad and the ugly in dental signs.
Free Bonus 2Access to our Sign Design Gallery of the latest pictures submitted by our doctors.
Free Bonus 3Downloadable MP3 audio version of the complete tutorial you play on your phone, tablet or in your car.
Free Bonus 4Downloadable printout of the full slide show.
Free Bonus 5Downloadable printout of the complete written transcript of the tutorial to review at any time.

The Wealthy Dentist keeps its word. Since 1985, I’ve been giving no-hype dental marketing and practice management information that can help you attract more patients and better run your practice. Now, with the power of the Internet, we can deliver this training directly to you at home or in your office, at a fraction of the normal cost.

The entire $1,000,000 Dental Signage Program, with full online video tutorial and all five (5) FREE Bonuses, is just $1,000 $498

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