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Internal Dental Marketing & Communications dental tutorialThis 4-phase program is designed to add 10 additional patients per month to your practice by quadrupling your internal dental marketing response!

This entire video training tutorial system includes two internal dental marketing video tutorials, pre-written letters to your patients, notes for doctor and team, and more. Plus, we’ll throw in 5 FREE bonuses to boot!

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The basic rule of dental marketing: Start with current patients, and ask them to refer patients just like themselves. However, this only works if:

1. You want more patients like the ones you have. Do you want the wicked witch of the east to send her sisters from the north, west and south to your practice? Remember, birds of a feather flock together…

2. You have the type of personality… warm, caring and extroverted… that makes it easy to ask for referrals. Got you on the last one, “extroverted”, didn’t I? Most dentists ARE warm and caring, but only a small fraction are extroverted enough to easily ask patients for referrals.

That’s why we developed our 4-Phase Internal Dental Marketing & Communications Program. It’s designed to add up to 10 additional new patients a month to your practice… and many doctors do much better than that!

What you learn with your 4-Phase Internal Dental Marketing & Communications Program:Internal Marketing & Communications dental tutorial

  • You’ll receive the exact verbal scripting for you and your team on how to ask for a referral. And more importantly…. how to customize it to your natural verbal style.
  • How to use the 4 primary psychological triggers to get people to respond favorablyevery time you ask for a referral.
  • How to respond when a patient says, “Why doctor, I didn’t know you were accepting new patients.”
  • Learn the five key elements to designing the ultimate “Marketing Response Vehicle.”
  • How to use the power of a “Token Offer” with your internal marketing and why you can’t “buy” new patients.
  • Learn how to tailor your token offer to the socioeconomic class of your patient and when absolutely not to make an offer.
  • Understanding the power of repetition marketing and how it will continue to build your internal marketing response rates.
  • How to use Completion of Treatment Letters to boost your referral response.
  • Get the Two Most Important Post Scripts – P.S.s in dental marketing that can help double your referrals from every letter you send to a patient.
  • Understand the power of quarterly communications, and exactly what to say and how to say it for the best results at the lowest cost.
  • Learn the inside secret to generating a whole new source of dental referrals by adjusting your Thank You Gift Certificate.
  • Why most dental marketing programs fail and how yours can be the exception.
  • How to calculate your ROI (Return on Investment) from your 4-Phase Internal Marketing & Communications Program and double it the next year!

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In addition to the 2-part Internet Video Training Program…

you’ll also get:

Free Bonus 1Over 60 Customizable Patient Communication Letters, pre-written for maximum impact on almost every aspect of patient communications. These letters are downloadable for immediate printout. They’re in digital format, so there’s no retyping needed for integration with your computer system.
Free Bonus 2 – A private set of “Doctor’s Notes: Step-by-Step Guidelines to Adding 10 New Patients a Month to Your Practice.”
Free Bonus 3 – A special set of “Team Notes” to help you better train and integrate the program into your office systems.
Free Bonus 4Sample “Completion of Treatment” letters for your patients that allow you to start the program immediately.
Free Bonus 5Multiple “Quarterly Communications Letters” to adapt to your style of practice and keep in regular contact with your existing patients.
Free PLUS… – Downloadable printout of the complete written transcript of the tutorial to review at any time, downloadable printout of the full slide show, and downloadable audio version of the complete tutorial so that you can play in your car.

The Wealthy Dentist keeps its word. Since 1985 I’ve been giving no-hype dental marketing and practice management information to help you attract more patients and better run your practice. Now, with the power of the Internet, we can deliver this training at a fraction of the normal cost.

The entire 4-Phase Internal Marketing & Communications Program, with full online video tutorial valued at $1,000 and all five (5) FREE Bonuses, is just $98!

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