Internal Dental Marketing & Communications Tutorial for Dentists

This 4-phase plan can quadruple your internal marketing response!

Internal Marketing dentist tutorial

Two-Part Internal Marketing & Communications Video and Slide Presentation

Part 1
29 minutes, 6 seconds
Part 2
25 minutes, 40 seconds

You also get the following free bonuses as part of this tutorial:

FreeBonus 1 – Downloadable Customizable Patient Communication Letters:, pre-written for maximum impact on almost every aspect of patient communications. These letters are downloadable for immediate printout. They’re in digital format, so there’s no retyping needed for integration with your computer system. Includes multiple “Quarterly Communications Letters” to adapt to your style of practice.

FreeBonus 2 – Sample”Completion of Treatment” lettersyou can use to start the program immediately.

FreeBonus 3 – A special private set of “Doctor’s Notes: Step-by-Step Guidelines to Adding 10 New Patients a Month to Your Practice,” and a set of “Team Notes” to help you better train and integrate the program into your office systems.

FreeBonus 4 – Downloadable audio version of the complete tutorial so that you can it burn to a CD and play it in your car.

Downloadable MP3 audio files:

  • Part 1 (MP3) (29 minutes, 6 seconds)
  • Part 2 (MP3) (25 minutes, 40 seconds)

Live Video Presentations

Part 1

Part 2

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