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Dentists Prefer the GOP to Dems, Obama to Clinton

Dentists are typically perceived as conservative – and the results of a recent Wealthy Dentist survey show that two out of three dentists plan to vote for the Republican party in this year’s presidential election. Among Democratic dentists, two thirds prefer Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton.

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February 29, 2008 (San Francisco, California) – When dentists were asked who they plan to vote for in this November’s presidential election, two out of three respondents to a recent Wealthy Dentist survey said they would choose the Republican party. Among Democratic dentists, two out of three preferred Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton.

Gender played a major role in a dentist’s political opinion. The average male dentist in this survey favored the Republican party, while the average female dentist leaned toward the Democrats.

Lots of Democratic voters are unimpressed with the country’s progress during the past eight years. “This country needs at least 4 years of intelligent leadership to recover from the damage done by the last moron and his criminal cronies,” wrote a Democrat dentist. “The Republicans are criminals who would like this country run as the Nazis would have,” offered another.

Republican dentists express a variety of concerns. “Lower taxes, more security, less government,” said a Republican oral surgeon. “We must keep the people in power who will create the jobs and keep people working, not the ones who want to redistribute the wealth,” said another.

Universal health care is an important issue for dental professionals. “As health care professionals and small business owners, we would certainly be worse off should the Democratic candidate win,” commented a Republican dentist. “I am always for the market capitalist nominee. Government funded and manipulated health care will be a nightmare,” said another.

Some find themselves wanting more candidates from which to choose. “As the lesser of two evils, I will vote Republican. I would have liked to see Ron Paul, the Libertarian, win the nomination, but he just wasn’t media savvy enough and didn’t have the appearance the media was looking for,” said one Republican. “I’m scared of both Hillary and Obama. We should have nominated Romney,” said another.

Republican dentists sometimes see Democrats as Communists.”It’s a clear choice between the Democrats (aka Socialists) and McCain,” said one.”We need to pull away from the forces of socialism in our country. Let’s be smart and close our borders before we meld into a socialistic country and lose all control of what we are and what we stand for!” commented another.

Sometimes, all Republicans can do is pray. “Dear God, Have mercy on us!” wrote one. “God, please don’t let the Democrat win!” seconded another.

The two parties express different attitudes about the war on terror. “The Democrats are dissociated from reality. The only issue of import is the war against Islamic Fascism. If you watch their debates, it is a non-issue,” said a Republican pediatric dentist. “The democratic candidates are exceptionally weak, no experience and far to the left on almost all issues, especially the war against terrorism,” agreed an

Some wonder if elections are always between the lesser of two evils. “It stinks. I’ll hold my nose and vote for McCain,” sniffed a Republican dentist. “Pathetic,” sighed a Democrat dentist. “Though I’ll vote for the more conservative party, I’m not happy with any of the candidates for president. The choice I’ll make is based on which candidate I think will do the least harm to our country and its citizens. It seems to me the choice will be between worse and worst!” moaned a Republican
oral surgeon.

Democratic dentists vigorously defended their candidates. “Obama gives us the best chance to reverse all the damage done by these guys,” wrote one. “Hillary is the salvation of our country,” opined another.

“This survey just confirms that dentists are somewhat more conservative than the average American,” said Jim Du Molin, dental management consultant and founder of dental marketing resource The Wealthy Dentist. “I’m sure this will not shock the non-dentists out there, since the profession is notoriously conservative.”


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