Palin, Biden Change Dentists’ Votes


The announcement of the vice presidential candidates is changing the votes of a significant number of dentists on both sides of the political fence, according to a recent survey by The Wealthy Dentist.

October 19, 2008 (San Francisco, California) A significant number of dentists say the VP candidates will change their votes in the presidential election, according to a recent survey by dental marketing resource The Wealthy Dentist. While three out of four dentists surveyed have already made up their minds and were not swayed by the VP choices, fully 18%
said they expected the VP to change their vote.

As in our previous political surveys, the majority of our dentist respondents favor the Republican party. "As business owners, we better hope that Washington becomes more conservative — and that means BOTH parties,” warned a Georgia dentist. “Unless they work in for the govt. or a school, any dentist who votes for Obama truly has a death wish,” a Texas orthodontist said ominously.

For a number of dentists, Sarah Palin sealed the deal. “I was ready to dump the Republicans, and vote for Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party. But Palin totally brought me back!!” raved an Arkansas dentist. “Palin makes me more comfortable voting for McCain,” agreed a Tennessee dentist.

But it’s no surprise that not everyone loves the Alaska governor. “I do not believe that Mrs. Palin is qualified to be President of the U.S. and that should be the benchmark of a V.P candidate. John McCain did not put ‘Country First’ with his V.P. choice,” declared a California dentist.

No matter who a candidate chooses, there will always be critics. “McCain showed he was a doddering fool by picking this woman over many other better qualified ones,” complained an Arizona prosthodontist. “Palin offers a stark contrast to Joe Biden, who is a non-charismatic political hack,” said a Maryland dentist.

"Once again, this survey revealed that most dentists are right-thinking Americans," said Jim Du Molin, dental practice management consultant and founder of dental continuing education website The Wealthy Dentist. "They consistently favor the Republican party. But they’re small business owners who make a fair amount of money, so is it any great surprise?"

Du Molin invites dentists to comment on this survey at or watch a short video on the topic.


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