Sleep Apnea: Dentists Offer Relief from Snoring


Sleep apnea symptoms can be treated by dentists. A survey by The Wealthy Dentist finds that nearly half of dentists marketing their services to patients with the sleep disorder.

(San Francisco, California) Two out of five dentists market their services to sleep apnea patients, found a poll by dental marketing resource The Wealthy Dentist. "If you don't market to them, at LEAST screen them for the disorder," advised one dentist. "You owe it to your patients."

Though there are many dental marketing avenues available for the sleep apnea dentist, dental website marketing was a particular favorite. Dentists use their own dental practice websites, find-a-dentist portal sites, and resources such as I HATE CPAP.

Offering sleep apnea treatment requires both expertise and continuing dental education. "I have taken a great many courses about Sleep, OSA, TMD, and other related subjects," said an Illinois dentist. "Doctors who want to treat sleep apnea and related problems had better do their homework and not just dabble in this as another source of income."

Dentists are qualified to treat sleep apnea symptoms, though some physicians don’t realize this. "I’m not sure there is a very good understanding in the medical community of the treatment that can be offered by dental professionals in mandibular repositioning appliances or orthognathic options," said a Washington orthodontist. "I know many of us could probably do a better job educating our medical colleagues and developing team efforts with sleep disorder care in general."

"Snoring is no fun!" said Jim Du Molin, dental management consulting expert and founder of dental marketing company The Wealthy Dentist. “But many patients don’t realize that their dentist may be able to help them sleep more soundly.”


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