Dentists Uncertain about Mini Dental Implants


Dental implant surgery can restore missing teeth, and denture implants can make dentures more secure. However, dentists are split over whether mini implants are as good as standard dental implants, finds a poll by The Wealthy Dentist.

January 4, 2009 (San Francisco, California) Dental implants are offered by two out of three dentists, found a poll by dental marketing resource The Wealthy Dentist. One out of five think that regular implants are always better than mini dental implants, but over half think they’re good for a variety of patients, including denture patients.

A mini implant is similar to a standard titanium tooth implant, but they are smaller, less expensive, and require less intensive dental implant surgery. Also known as denture implants, they are commonly used to secure dental implant dentures.

The choice between mini and traditional dental implant therapy can be a tough one. Advised a California dental implantologist, “Risks, benefits and alternatives must always be discussed. Ignorance is a curable ailment." A Georgia dentist opined, “Mini implants are a good solution for many patients. I think regular implants are better. But for many, minis are the best choice."

Opinions rage on both side of the implant dentistry debate. “Mini implants have worked very well for my patients because of their low cost and immediate loading," said a Pennsylvania dentist. An oral surgeon disagreed, saying, “Compared to cars, regular implants are the Mercedes Benz. Mini implants are the little Toyota Echo."

Denture implants are a valuable asset to many a denture dentist. “I have done around 20 cases using mini implants under lower dentures," said a Georgia dentist. "I feel this is one of the best things I have done for my patients and my practice." Agreed a Connecticut dentist, “In the correct situation and understanding how to use them, they are a wonderful long-term solution."

Some dentists like mini implants, but don’t prefer them for permanent dental work. A prosthodontist explained, "Good for provisional implants." “They’re good for dentures and specific sites, usually as a transitional situation,” declared a Florida dentist. “They are, in my opinion, beneath the standard of care, unless they are used only on a provisional basis,” said a Massachusetts dentist critically.

Unfortunately, mini dental implant failure rates can be somewhat high. “Mini implants are good for patients who don't want or can tolerate regular implants, but failure rates are higher with these minis,” said an Arizona dentist. “I did a case with a local specialist, and within 4 months the implants all came out. I looked bad, and the patient left the office. I am not a huge fan of the mini implant,” complained a Connecticut dentist. “I’ve had 50% success with Maxillary, 85% success with Mandibular
anterior,” shared a California dentist.

Mini dental implant surgery can be attractive due to its lower cost. "They make implants affordable for many," declared a Maryland dentist. "There is seldom an occasion anymore when I can’t replace traditional implants therapy with minis," raved an Arkansas dentist. "I’m so thankful I can now offer a less expensive alternative that still brings a lot of joy to those patients that receive them."

But some doctors worry that mini tooth implants are inherently inferior. “Substandard treatment in most cases,” said a California periodontist. “Until we get long-term data, I am reluctant to use mini implants for conventional restorative cases. If we are asking patients to pay full restorative fees, shouldn't we use one of many systems with a longer track record?” asked an Ohio oral surgeon.

"Denture implant technology can make affordable dentures even better," said Jim Du Molin, dental patient marketing guru and founder of dental management resource The Wealthy Dentist. "But they’re hardly a threat to the popularity of standard
teeth implants, which are still the best way to replace missing teeth."

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