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Adult Braces Cost Less in the Country

Adult braces cost over $5,000, according to a Wealthy Dentist survey. However, the cost of braces varies significantly by region and by whether treatment is administered by a general dentist or an orthodontist.

February, 2009 (San Francisco, California) Adult braces cost an average of $5,500. A poll of braces dentists and orthodontists by continuing dental education resource The Wealthy Dentist found that general dentists charge an average of $5,200 for adult braces, while the average orthodontist will charge about $5,800.

The cost of braces for adults varies by region. Orthodontic treatment costs the most in the Pacific states and the Northeast, averaging $5,800 and $5,600, respectively. Affordable braces for adults can most easily be found in the Western mountain states, where they average only $4,700.

In addition, urban dentists charge more for ortho treatment than do suburban or rural doctors. In fact, the cost of adult braces is about $500 more from city dentists. Of course, there’s also variation within areas, sometimes dependent on a braces dentist’s level of expertise.

Cosmetic dentistry offers adults a wide range of orthodontia options. Some patients opt for invisible braces, while others go for ceramic braces with nearly invisible brackets. Noting the cost difference, an Ohio orthodontist said, “I charge an additional $400 for upper ceramic brackets."

Though patients feel braces cost a lot, dentists know what a bargain they are. “Over that past 30 years, the cost of braces has not kept pace with cost-of-living increases," said a Washington orthodontist. "Thankfully, technology has allowed greater efficiency. Consequently, there’s reasonable profitability for the orthodontist and a good price for the consumer."

General dentists can offer braces, but orthodontists specialize in them. "I am happy to refer out those cases which I don't feel competent to treat or which I just don't want to treat for whatever reason," said a California dentist. "Having been actively treating orthodontic cases in my general practice for over twenty years now there are not a lot of cases which I refer out. Ortho provides me with a change of pace from the daily drill and fill routine."

"Adult braces have come a long way," said Jim Du Molin, dental patient marketing guru and founder of dental website The Wealthy Dentist. "Though braces used to be just for teenagers, today’s braces look so good that more and more adults are choosing to get straighter teeth."


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