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Veneers Cost $1,100 per Tooth

Porcelain veneers for teeth run about $1,100 per tooth, revealed a Wealthy Dentist survey, as do Lumineers. Of course, the cost of veneers decreases as the number of dental veneers increases.

March 23, 2009 (San Francisco, California) Dentists report an average cost of dental veneers at about $1,100 per tooth, found a survey by dental marketing resource The Wealthy Dentist. Porcelain veneers cost about the same as Lumineers cost.

Lumineers are a brand of teeth veneers that have become a popular part of cosmetic dentistry. They’re thinner than traditional porcelain veneers, so the dentist doesn’t have to grind down the tooth enamel to apply them. In fact, Lumineers marketing highlights the advantages of not damaging the underlying tooth.

This survey revealed that the average cost of Lumineers is the same as the average cost of porcelain veneers for teeth. Interestingly, some dentists charge significantly more for Lumineers veneers, while others charge significantly less. The cost of tooth veneers depends both on the supplier’s cost to the dentist and on how much time and effort it takes the dentist to apply each tooth veneer.

Prosthodontists in this survey reported charging several hundred dollars more per tooth veneer than general dentists, which is in line with the extra training these dental specialists have completed. “Actually, we never say ‘crown’ in our prosthodontic practice!” said a Tennessee prosthodontist. “Our patients come back and say they ‘just love their new veneers!’ Think about it; crowns are really full veneers.”

Of course, people rarely get one single dental veneer. “Depending upon the number of teeth to be done, I will discount my per-tooth fee,” acknowledged an Oklahoma dentist. “Veneers are almost always placed as multiple units of 8-10 veneers, making a small discount per unit reasonable and still profitable,” agreed a North Carolina dentist.

Dentists’ profits are not as high from dental makeovers with veneers as patients might think. “I wish I could do them cheaper, but good lab work and planning takes time and money,” said a Michigan dentist. “The fee is not enough for the time it takes,” complained a Mississippi dentist. “It is a lot more complicated than a dental crown.”

“Veneers are the best tool available for doing an extreme dental makeover,” said Jim Du Molin, dental website guru and founder of dental continuing education website The Wealthy Dentist. “With veneers, patients can change the size, shape and color of their teeth, giving them the smile of their dreams.”

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