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Dentists Give Obama an “F” for His First 100 Days

Fully 70% of dentists don’t approve of President Obama, and over half give him a failing grade, according to a Wealthy Dentist survey. Tending to be somewhat conservative, dentists are concerned about taxes and spending.

April 28, 2009 (San Francisco) – Only 30% of dentists approve of the job President Obama is doing, finds a survey by dental website The Wealthy Dentist. Moreover, over half of dentist respondents gave the President a grade of D or F. Dentists’ biggest political concerns are taxes, the economic stimulus plan, and health care.

Dentists tend to be relatively high-income small businesspeople, and previous surveys indicate that dentists as a group tend to be significantly more conservative than the country as a whole. Prior to the primaries, a Wealthy Dentist survey found Mitt Romney to be the favorite candidate of dentists.

The President’s economic recovery plan has disappointed a number of dentists. “His wealth distribution is so backwards. I almost completely disagree with his entire economic strategy,” said a Washington dentist. Offered an Ohio dentist, “We have witnessed one of the greatest non-wartime spending sprees in our history. Only to now find out that what we thought we were getting (infrastructure) is to be replaced by pipe dreams (high speed rail and wind farms).”

Some urged patience before judging Obama’s policies. “It took a lot longer than 100 days to get us into this mess – it will take longer to get us out,” said a Florida dentist. Agreed a Michigan dentist, “He has been handed a tough job by President Bush’s mismanagement and lack of relevant focus.”

Others are certain the Obama administration will lead the US to disaster. “If we have another terrorist attack (God forbid), it will be Obama’s fault, pure and simple,” declared a Florida dental office worker. “He is taking our country down a dark road,” agreed another in Texas.

Some dentists felt alienated by the previous President. “The man inherited an absolute mess from the previous administration,” said a Texas dentist. “He is opening up diplomatic channels to a lot of countries we should have been talking to years ago. Because of the Bush administration and extremist neoconservative Republicans, I am out of the Republican Party.”

Some worry Obama lacks the experience and character the job demands. “He is a rank amateur and a complete narcissist,” declared a North Carolina orthodontist. “He needs to get a real job and face the realities he is foisting upon us,” said another respondent.

Some go so far as to declare Obama anti-American. “He is a socialist and he does not have America’s best interests at heart!” said an Alabama dentist. Agreed an Arkansas dentist, “He’s one of the worse things that could possibly happen to anyone in this Country who has loved it because of everything about its founding. He’s determined to destroy all those remnants.”

Not all conservatives blasted Obama. “For a liberal, I think he is doing OK,” said one dentist in Texas. “I think he has moved more to center since the election.” Offered an Alabama dentist, “He is trying to take bold actions to help us out of this severe economic decline. Job creating is the most important thing we can do right now.”

The government’s role in health care is a top concern for many dental professionals. “I do not think it is a good idea for the government to run the health care system,” said a California dentist. “Rather than having a massive inefficient government bureaucracy, there should be a set of mandates passed that will guarantee access to and reduce the cost of health insurance coverage. The guidelines should also require that individuals are required to have a minimum level of coverage. With more people
in the insurance pool, not only would the obvious benefit of access to health care occur, but premium costs would be dramatically less.”

National health care isn’t something every dentist opposes. “I welcome his attitude towards making health care available for all along with a uniform digital health patient record as a top domestic policy to improve our nation’s economy and health simultaneously,” said a Georgia dentist.

Some conservative dentists see Obama as a socialist, plain and simple. “The most anti-business socialist president in the history of this country!” said one dentist. “He is trying to turn our country into a socialist nation,” declared a Florida dentist. “Mark these words. He will attempt to change the Constitution and extend his term past 8 years. He wants complete control of the masses of people that pay little or no taxes, receive government support, and will re-elect him President for Life.”

“One thing you can always say about dentists – they’re not short on opinions!” said Jim Du Molin, dental marketing guru and founder of continuing dental education resource The Wealthy Dentist. “Over the next few years, we’ll all be watching closely to see how this administration’s policies affect health care and small businesses.”


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