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Get Braces Now: 1stBraces.com Offers Local Searches for Braces Dentists

Consumer portal website 1stBraces.com provides local listings of dentists who offer orthodontics, as well as a variety of other braces and Invisalign resources.

1stBaces.com Consumer Information PortalMarch 7, 2008 (San Francisco, California) – The Internet Dental Alliance announces the re-launch of its consumer information website http://www.1stBraces.com. The website offers patients a variety of braces resources. Patients can find a properly trained braces dentist or orthodontist, and learn more about dental braces.

Adults and teens wanting straighter teeth have a wide range of orthodontic options. Traditional metal braces are just the tip of the iceberg! Ceramic braces, clear braces and 6-month braces are some of the types of braces available.

Every month the site features one braces dentist with remarkable orthodontic expertise who answers questions from readers. In addition, the archived posts of other orthodontists are a valuable information resource for consumers who want to learn more about orthodontic braces and retainers.

The find-a-dentist website includes an orthodontics survey section that offers insight into dentists’ habits and opinions. For example, one survey revealed that three-quarters of dentists offer Invisalign invisible braces.

Featured on 1stBraces.com are consumer information articles such as “Adult Braces and Orthodontics: Something To Smile About” and “Orthodontic Dentistry with Invisalign Braces.” Further articles include “Teen Braces – Straight Teeth in Progress!” or “How Malocclusion (Bad Bite) Can Be Fixed by Braces for Teeth.”

“Braces might be a headache, but finding a braces dentist shouldn’t be,” commented Jim Du Molin, director of the Internet Dental Alliance. “Consumers can just enter their zip code and quickly get a list of orthodontists in their area!”

The braces portal http://www.1stBraces.com is one of the Internet Dental Alliance’s many find-a-dentist websites, recently launched in an updated and more comprehensive format. IDA provides consumer sites in areas such as sedation dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and wisdom teeth. All allow patients to search for specialized dentists by ZIP code.


Jim Du Molin


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