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The Internet dental marketing tutorial series "The 9 Truths" has been temporarily put on hold as dental practice consultant releases "The Solution," a limited-enrollment dental directory website campaign.

September 9, 2008 (San Francisco, California) In the wake of doctor complaints, dental marketing guru Jim Du Molin has temporarily halted the release of his "9 Truths of Internet Dental Marketing" video tutorial series. In a new video entitled "The Solution," he lays out a dental directory marketing
campaign offer for dentists.

1stDDS.com offers a network of 15 different find-a-dentist websites. These portals are divided by specialty – for example, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, or sedation dentistry. Patients can do online geographical searches to find providers near them.

For the first time, Du Molin is allowing new members to enroll in this program at virtually no charge. Historically, only members of the Internet Dental Alliance have been eligible for dentist listings on these consumer websites.

New dentists will receive $225 of marketing credits over three months for only one dollar. "I’m charging a dollar because I only have room for those who are serious about dental practice marketing," explained Du Molin.

"It takes a solid 20 minutes to set up a new doctor account," he continued. "With one of our employees out with her new baby, we simply can’t handle more than 5 new accounts per day. So I’m only prepared to accept 100 doctors, because we simply aren’t prepared for a larger volume."

Depending on location, doctors should expect at least 1-3 new patients during this initial trial period. The value of these new patients can be from $200 to tens of thousands of dollars. Moreover, 1stDDS offers built-in ROI (return on investment) analysis, allowing users to precisely track their results.

Dentists interested in learning more about this program can view Du Molin’s informational video at http://www.internetdentalalliance.com/the-solution.html.

Online dentist directories are one of the top ways consumers search for dentists. The 1stDDS portals generate up to 25,000 requests for doctors each month. Moreover, the program is designed to limit the number of practitioners listed in any given area, so listed dentists always stay near the top of search results.

Du Molin’s video tutorial series "The 9 Truths of Dental Website Marketing" will resume soon. Previous installments are available online at http://www.InternetDentalAlliance.com/9Truths.htm. Registration is absolutely free. 

"It’s a tough economy out there," acknowledged Du Molin, founder of dental continuing education website The Wealthy Dentist. "But dentists don’t have to suffer! It’s all about knowing how to marketing yourself and your practice most effectively. Done properly, it’s the most valuable investment a doctor can make."


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Jim Du Molin

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