Invisalign: Dentists Love Cosmetic Orthodontics


Most general dentists offer Invisalign as a cosmetic alternative to braces, according to a recent Wealthy Dentist survey. Patients like how invisible the clear aligners are, and dentists find the computer system makes straightening teeth easy.

Invisalign dentists(San
Francisco, California) – A recent Wealthy Dentist survey asked dentists if they offer Invisalign to their orthodontic patients. Three out of four dentists report that their dental practices offer Invisalign services to patients looking to straighten their teeth in an invisible way.

Invisalign is unlike traditional braces. It’s a series of clear plastic aligners that slowly and invisibly move the teeth into place. The Invisalign computer system calculates the shape of each progressive aligner to optimally move teeth. "All the work for the most part on simple cases is done by the Invisalign computer," explained a Michigan dentist.

Invisalign is cosmetically attractive, but it cannot move teeth as dramatically as braces can. “It is an exceptional product for those who are borderline on their need for orthodontia,” raved a Utah dentist. “Very good for most simple tooth movements. I have done some very extensive ortho with Invisalign, agreed another general dentist.

However, Invisalign's results leave some dentists disappointed. “I use it rarely, as it doesn't move teeth as efficiently as fixed brackets,” complained a New York orthodontist. "The technique has so many limitations that I no longer offer it to my patients,” said a Louisiana dentist.

"It’s a good product, but lab costs are too expensive," said a Missouri dentist. "Dentists should have no problem as long as they use good case selection. There are limitations with all orthodontics, and patient expectations must be established before cases are sold.” (Missouri dentist)

Invisalign is great for general dental practices. "General dentists are fully qualified. It is great for patients and the dentist," said a Massachusetts dentist. “You are crazy not to offer this service!" said a Rhode Island dentist. "As a dentist we do simple cases and refer out to an orthodontist the complex cases."

Invisalign's success has to do with how complicated the case is. “It needs to be a simple case,” advised a New Jersey dentist. “General dentists are qualified if they take all the required courses. If they lack in a certain area, the results don't come out as nice,” observed an Illinois dental office worker.

"Invisalign is just a tool to help achieve an end result," said an Oregon dentist. "I refer patients to an orthodontist because there are some goals that we want to achieve. Sometimes Invisalign is an appropriate tool to achieve those goals. In my opinion, for an adequate result Invisalign almost always has to be followed up with conventional braces for finishing."

"Invisalign is such a valuable tool for dentists to have" said Jim Du Molin, dental consultant and founder of The Wealthy Dentist. "It’s perfect for adults who want straight teeth without the metal-mouth look of traditional braces. Plus, it’s a great revenue stream for
dental practices!"


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