Tooth Whitening Cosmetic Dentistry Survey Press Release


Tooth Whitening Not a Gateway to Cosmetic Dentistry

Dentists love tooth whitening patients, as they often go on to have more cosmetic dental procedures. However, dentists report that the majority of tooth whitening patients do not request additional dental work.

February 4, 2008 (San Francisco, California) – A Hollywood smile is one of today’s must-haves. American dentists are seeing more
tooth whitening patients than ever before. But in a recent Wealthy Dentist survey, dentists indicated that over half of those patients do not go on to have additional cosmetic dentistry. Two out of three dentists reported a conversion rate of less than 40%.

Toothing whitening and cosmetic dentistrySome dental practices find tooth whitening an extremely profitable procedure. "It’s an excellent introduction to more services," said a Utah dentist. “It is the direction dentistry is going, so you either embrace the change or get left behind," commented a Texas dentist.

The majority of cosmetic dentists see tooth whitening as an essential part of cosmetic dental work. "With tooth whitening, there is only one answer: deep bleaching!" exclaimed a Scotland dentist reporting that over 80% of his whitening patients get more cosmetic work. "95% of my highest earning cases are cosmetic."

Due to the current state of the US economy, some dentists are not seeing the profits they had hoped for. "As economic times get tougher, teeth bleaching will decrease," wrote a Minnesota dentist. “Whitening is not popular in blue collar neighborhoods," observed an Illinois dental student.

Some dentists were not impressed by the tooth bleaching craze. “Hype, for the average patient," said a Pennsylvania dentist who does not offer whitening services. "There sure aren't as many patients beating down my door for cosmetic treatments like LVI and other gurus would have you believe. The kids' karate lessons, the cruise, and the new SUV are all way more important," said an Illinois dentist.

A number of dentists adore tooth whitening and cosmetic services. “It is the most exciting part of my practice," wrote an Illinois dentist reporting 60-80% conversion. “It's my reason for being in dentistry," agreed a Maryland dentist.

The bottom line is that bleaching is a great conversion tool. “Whitening opens the door to more cosmetic dentistry," said a New Jersey dentist. “Once you brighten a patient's smile, they start to notice other things in their mouths that they would like to change," agreed another general dentist.

Of course, it’s essential that patients know the facts about whitening. "Tooth whitening is only temporary, and it has limitations. This has to be stressed to the patient," wrote one dentist. "Cosmetic dentistry should only be done in the patient's best interest. I have seen it completed on some patients who never needed it."

"Getting their teeth whitened often motivates patients to get additional cosmetic dental work," said Jim Du Molin, dental consultant and founder of The Wealthy Dentist. "However, not every whitening patient will convert to a high-value cosmetic patient. But with proper encouragement and marketing, tooth bleaching can be a real cash cow for dentists."


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