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1stDentures.com Consumer Portal Launches

Consumer information site 1stDentures.com provides local listings of dentists offering dentures, as well as a variety of denture and prosthodontic educational resources.

1stDentures.com Consumer Information Portal (San Francisco, California) October 29, 2007 – The Internet Dental Alliance announces the re-launch of its consumer information website 1stDentures.com. The website offers patients a variety of denture resources. Participating dentists can easily attract new patients who are searching for denture dentists in their geographic area.

The site’s primary feature is its listing of dentists and prosthodontists. Users can quickly and easily find denture dentists in their area by entering their zip code and reviewing profiles of local dentists and prosthodontists. Patients are pre-qualified by having to provide their complete contact information prior to requesting an appointment. The Internet Dental Alliance notifies the practice by both fax and email of the new patient lead.

Every month the site honors one dentist with the title of "Doctor of the Month." The featured dentist's expertise in the area of dentures is offered up to visitors to the 1stDentures.com website. Visitors can send their questions directly to the featured dentist, who will post answers to selected questions. IDA also supports the dentist in publicizing this honor.

Featured on www.1stDentures.com are articles designed to teach consumers more about prosthodontics, false teeth, full and partial dentures, and denture repair. Topics include general consumer overviews, specific clinical information, and summaries of recent news. Dentists are invited to submit their own articles for publication on the site.

"People who wear dentures are going to love this dental directory website!" exclaimed Jim Du Molin, owner of the Internet Dental Alliance. "It's easy for consumers to use, and it's a valuable marketing opportunity for dentists wanting to promote their denture expertise. You'd be amazed how many people go online each day to search for affordable dentures!"

The denture portal 1stDentures.com is one of the Internet Dental Alliance's many consumer information websites, and the second to be launched in an updated and more comprehensive format. Over the coming months, IDA will introduce improved consumer sites in areas such as cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, and sedation dentistry. All make patients’ lives easier by offering zip code searches for qualified dental practitioners.

The 1stDentures.com website is one of the many portal sites in the 1stDDS.com family. It is owned and maintained by the Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. (www.internetdentalalliance.com). IDA is the largest provider of websites for dentists, email patient newsletters and dental directories in North America.


Jim Du Molin

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