1st Wisdom Teeth Consumer Press Release


1stWisdomTeeth.com Consumer Portal Launches, Making Wisdom Teeth a Little Less Painful

Consumer information site 1stWisdomTeeth.com provides local listings of wisdom tooth dentists, as well as a variety of wisdom tooth and oral surgery educational resources.

1stWisdomTeeth.com Consumer Information Portal(Tiburon, California) October 15, 2007 – The Internet Dental Alliance announces the re-launch of its consumer information website 1stWisdomTeeth.com. The website offers patients a variety of wisdom tooth resources. Patients can find a properly trained dentist, learn more about oral surgery, ask questions of an expert dentist, and more.

The site’s primary feature is its listing of dentists and oral surgeons. Users can quickly and easily find wisdom tooth dentists in their area by entering their zip code. Whether they’re general dentists or oral surgeons, the doctors featured are all trained in wisdom teeth removal or extraction.

Every month the site features one dentist with remarkable expertise in the area of wisdom tooth extractions. Visitors to the site can email their questions directly to the featured dentist, who will post answers to selected questions. In addition, the archived posts of past expert dentists provide a valuable information resource for consumers who want to learn more about wisdom tooth removals.

Featured on 1stWisdomTeeth.com are consumer information articles such as "Oral Surgery: The Dreaded Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedure" and "What Is a Dry Socket?" In addition, the site offers clinical articles such as "Oral Surgery Guidelines To Speed Healing And Recovery After Wisdom Tooth Extraction or Removal" or "Jaw Fractures and the Healing Process." Consumers will also find summaries of recent news stories.

One of the highlights of the site is the success story section where other wisdom tooth patients share their positive experiences. Users are invited to submit their own stories. "I remember hearing so many horror stories from my friends about people who had incredibly dramatic experiences having their wisdom teeth extracted. I began to think I would be better off putting up with the pain," wrote one patient. "It turned out I only needed a few shots of novocaine, I felt a bit of pressure as my dentist pried my wisdom teeth out and that was all. I had a couple days of soreness but the relief was magic."

This dental web site offers some insight into dentists’ thoughts on wisdom teeth in its survey section, where visitors learn that half of general dentists refer out 80% or more of their wisdom tooth removals. The dental website offers additional information on wisdom teeth, oral surgeons, and extractions. There’s also a glossary of common phrases, as well as links to special interest dental websites.

"We couldn’t be more excited about launching this dental directory website!" exclaimed Jim Du Molin, owner of the Internet Dental Alliance. "We designed it to be straightforward and easy to use, giving you everything you need to know about wisdom teeth in one location, plus the ability to quickly find a qualified wisdom tooth dentist near you. The internet gives dental patients more power than ever before!"

The wisdom tooth portal 1stWisdomTeeth.com is one of the Internet Dental Alliance’s many consumer information websites, and the first to be launched in an updated and more comprehensive format. Over the coming months, IDA will introduce improved consumer sites in areas such as cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, and dentures. All make patients’ lives easier by offering zip code searches for specialized dental practitioners.

The 1stWidsomTeeth.com website is one of the many portal sites in the 1stDDS.com family. It is owned and maintained by the Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. (www.internetdentalalliance.com). IDA is the largest provider of websites for dentists, email patient newsletters and dental directories in North America.


Jim Du Molin

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