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Dentists Find that Dating Patients Leads to Drama, Sometimes Marriage: Survey Results

One in five dentists reports having become romantically involved with a dental patient, according to a recent Wealthy Dentist survey. Most caution against dating patients, as the consequences are rarely positive for the dental practice. However, a number of happily married dentists report finding their spouses in their waiting rooms.

Dental Patient Romance: 1 in 5 Dentists Has Dated a Patient(San Francisco, California) October 15, 2007 –
In a recent Wealthy Dentist survey, we asked dentists if they have ever been romantically involved with a patient at their dental practice. One in five dentists reports having dated a patient. The remaining 80% report never having dated a dental patient. "It's just not worth the headache," advised a California general dentist.

Patient romance can be bad for a dental practice's bottom line. “After you have dated a patient, and it doesn't work out, you lose the patient and a good source of referrals. My advice: No matter how right it seems, don't date a patient," commented a Florida dentist. A California dental office worker agreed, saying, “I believe that it is not good for the practice. You will definitely lose a patient if the relationship does not work out."

In the eyes of many, mixing business with pleasure is simply not professional. “I think that crosses the professional barrier and can cause problems down the road," stated a Florida dentist. “It is not wise and also unethical… If a relationship starts, the patient should be referred for treatment to another practice as legal ramifications are extreme," warned a California dentist.

Others feel that in some situations, dating a patient may be acceptable. “As long as the patient is not under active care, no problem," said one general dentist. “Depends on the circumstances. This is not as personal as psychology or a medical situation," commented one Texas dentist. "If it's something that's unavoidable then the employee must never be involved in the treatment,"
added a Florida dentist.

Of course, some dentists are happily married to former patients. "Conventional wisdom says it should be avoided, but I don't often listen! I ended up marrying a patient," said one Rhode Island dentist. "I married one 51 years ago and am still married to her," echoed a New York dentist. Joked one married dentist, "Dating patients is OK as long as my wife is out of town!"

"Though it's rather a hush-hush issue, it's clear that dentists become romantically involved with patients on a fairly regular basis," said Jim Du Molin, dental consultant and founder of The Wealthy Dentist. "And though it's not as dangerous as dentists dating staff members, but it still can lead to messy situations. However, these survey results tell me that, for the most part, dentists manage to keep the drama in control." Du Molin paused for a moment, then added, "Is it really good for a romantic relationship if you give your lover a root canal?"


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