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The Wealthy Dentist® Home Page – Your central resource for dental marketing and management information and research.

Dental Marketing – Marketing strategies for dentists who want to generate more new patients than they can handle, be successful, send their children to good schools, and retire healthy and without having to depend on social security.

  • Internal Dental Marketing and Communication – Just about any dentist can implement this four-phase referral marketing strategy. The only requirement is a true desire to be successful, the ability to give direction to your team and lead by example.This program comes with so many bonus extras that it is next to impossible to fail in adding up to ten additional new patients a month to your practice. However, if you are a WUSS, none of our strategies will work for you.
  • The $1,000,000 Dental Sign Design – This is a must-have tutorial if you need to design a sign or you are thinking of building a new dental facility. Lots of great information, research and actual sample dental signs.

Free Stuff – Everyone wonders how we can afford to give away so many valuable dental marketing and management tutorials for FREE or at a fraction of what you would normally pay and still stay in business? There are two answers.

First, we have already recovered the cost of developing these strategies for our dental management clients over the 20 years we worked as one-on-one dental consultants.

Second, it is our way of introducing you to the world of Our basic philosophy is under-promise and hopefully exceed expectations.

  • Internet #1: Advanced Website Strategies to Generate High -Value New Patients!
    – The average Cosmetic, Implant, Ortho, Sedation, etc., high-value new patient is worth upwards of $5,000. If you could hand someone $160 and they would hand you back a $5,000 new patient, how long would you want to play that game?The goal of all dental marketing is to reduce your risk, i.e., your cost, while increasing your reward. Internet practice website marketing is one of the easiest ways to target high-value new patients at a controlled and reasonable risk.

    This FREE tutorial walks you through the logic of why you may want THREE practice websites, even if you already have a website.

    Is it a money machine? Yes! Is it perfect? No! But it is a controlled risk. If you do it right and give it enough time, you can reap huge rewards.

  • Internet #2: Targeted Directory Marketing for Maximum ROI This tutorial walks you through an advanced strategy for targeting high-value new patients with pinpoint geographic accuracy. You can actually get down to the zip code level!You don’t even need a practice website for this strategy to work. Even doctors who complain that they haven’t any money for marketing can make this strategy work! It’s yours for FREE – what are you waiting for?® Book Store – Need good marketing books to get charged up about telling people about your fantastic dental practice? They’re here! Pre-screened and pre-written… just for you! Have fun.

The Wealthy Dentist® Services – Everything you need to know about how we make a living providing great services at a fraction of what you would pay anywhere else.

– Don’t look here for flash-and-dance. When it comes to dental marketing, management and services you want time-tested people and organizations. The rule of thumb here is easy – “First class only costs ten percent less.”

Jim Du Molin – Everyone asks, “Jim, why is your picture so dark?” Well the truth is it hides the fact that the rest of my head is bald. For more facts about me that you may wish you never knew, just click the link.

Doctor, Is This You? Not every dentist is a born marketer. But if you can get through dental school, you can learn to market like a professional with a little bit of coaching. If you fit this profile, we are interested in working with you.

How We Work With Dentists – The only thing that counts in a dental practice is results. Everything else is explanation. Think about it.

If you have to think too long about the above statement, you are most likely on the wrong website. Try visiting someone who wants you to join their $10,000 continuum.

However, if you are serious about delivering quality dentistry and making a substantially better than average dental living, sign up for weekly newsletter… it’s FREE!

The Wealthy Dentist® Membership Program – Don’t get excited. We have a waiting list… and, it’s not free… and we’re real picky. If you still want more info, click the link.

Dental Speaking Topics from the Great Orator Himself – Want to spend money to see a real live dental speaker? Want to hear mostly true stories about what works and doesn’t work in the dental marketing world? If you really want to know the truth about… just click the link.

How to Contact Us just click the link.

Internet Dental Marketing – There is “dental marketing” and then there is “Internet” dental marketing.  The strategies for online or Internet marketing are a completely different discipline from those offline strategies like phone book, signage, radio, TV, etc.

Dental Practice Management – I worked as a dental management consultant for over 20 years.  My wife, Suzanne handled the Personal Financial Planning side and I took care of the practice management and marketing side. At one time we were working with almost 200 dental practice from across North American.  In this section you will fine various videos and outline of many of the strategies we used with our friends and clients.

The Wealthy Dentist Blog – The TWD blog is our way of providing you with the latest news, editorials, videos and surveys that we develop each week for The Wealthy Dentist Newsletter.

Dentist Surveys – Every week we survey over 40,000 dentist on our mailing list – that’s you – for your thoughts. This pages will give you access to all the results and comments from your dental peers.  If you want to add your name to the survey list just sign up for The Wealthy Dentist Newsletter.

Dental Newsletters – This is the archive of all the past Wealthy Dentist Newsletter from July of 2006 to the present.

Press Room – This is a listing of every press release we have ever put out through the Wealthy Dentist.  They are organized by topic for easy review.

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