Dental Marketing Tops Dentists’ List of New Year’s Resolutions

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New Years Resolutions for Dentists and Dental Practices
The Wealthy Dentist asked dentists about their resolutions for the New Year. Three out of four dentists said their goal was to attract more new patients.
Dentists also cited marketing efforts, knowing that a profitable practice needs to market itself to stay competitive. Other goals include retirement, working
less, and acquiring new equipment or team members. On a personal level, the number one goal of dentists is to maintain or improve their personal health./p>

In addition to new patient marketing, dentists had a number of other goals for their dental practices. Cutting costs, buying new equipment, and increasing internet dental marketing are also high priorities.

New Years Resolutions for Dental Practices


It’s clear that dentists know they need to put on their business hats if they want their dental practices to succeed. Marketing and financial goals are just as important as medical advancements and dental continuing education.


When asked about their resolutions on a personal level, two out of three dentists cited maintaining or improving their personal health, a befitting goal
for health care professionals.


Dentists Share Their Resolutions for the New Year


Though they have dental practice management concerns to attend to, it’s clear that dentists are a lot like other people, with similar goals and resolutions.

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