Retirement for Dentists: These Days, Retirement is Totally Optional

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Dental Retirement Survey ResultsIn a recent survey, The Wealthy Dentist asked dentists about their retirement plans. Two-thirds of our dentist respondents say that they expect to choose keep working part-time to keep themselves busy. Only 13% replied that they're on track financially and will retire completely once their financial goals are fully met. One in five dentists would like to retire, but aren't sure they will
be financially able to afford it.

We also asked dentists about their target retirement age. And aren't the specialists lucky! They're planning to retire an average of six years before their colleagues practicing general dentistry.

What's your target retirement age?
Average: 63 years old
General Dentists: 64 years old
Specialists: 58 years old

It's clear that not all dentists are facing the same retirement prospects.

General dentists versus specialists

Specialists don't seem to want to retire! Overall, they're in better financial shape than general dentists, but they're significantly less likely to be planning a total retirement. The vast majority (92%) of specialists report that they plan to keep working part-time even after their financial goals are met. 

Dental Retirement Survey legend
Male versus Female Dental Practitioners

Gender does play a role in a dentist's retirement outlook. Female dentists are nearly twice as likely as their male colleagues to worry that they will not be able to afford to retire. And while 17% of male dentists plan to retire fully and comfortably, not a single one of our female respondents reported the same thing.

Dental Retirement Survey legend

Urban, suburban and rural dentists

Geographically speaking, most dentists are in the same boat. However, rural dentists are almost twice as likely as their urban or suburban counterparts
to say that they doubt they will be financially able to retire.

Dental Retirement Survey legend

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