Two Out of Three Dentists Prefer Republican Rule

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Presidential Election Dental Survey Results

In this survey, we asked dentists who they would like to see win the upcoming US presidential election. Two out of three dentists responding to this
survey said they would rather see a Republican in the Oval Office than a Democrat.

Please note that these results do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Americans in general.

Read the dentists’ comments for more insight into their thoughts.

Among the 71% of dentists who identify as Republican, Mitt Romney proved to be the top choice. Here's a breakdown of the Republican candidates:

  1. Mitt Romney (31%)
  2. Rudy Giuliani (21%)
  3. Mike Huckabee (17%)
  4. John McCain (11%)
  5. Ron Paul (11%)
  6. Fred Thompson (11%)
  7. Duncan Hunter (1%)

The 29% of dentists who prefer the Democrats have a clear favorite candidate: Hillary Clinton. Here's how dentists feel about the Democratic candidates:

  1. Hillary Clinton (36%)
  2. Barack Obama (23%)
  3. John Edwards (21%)
  4. Bill Richardson (10%)
  5. Joe Biden (10%)
  6. Dennis Kucinich (0%)

General dentists versus specialists

General dentists and specialists do not have identical political viewpoints; the general dentists are more likely to support the Republicans than are the

Urban, suburban and rural dentists

Geographic location was correlated with how conservative dentists are. Rural dentists are more conservative and urban dentists tend to be more liberal. 

General dentists versus specialists

Gender did play a role in dentists' attitudes about politics, with male dentists tending to be more conservative than their female counterparts..

For more insight into what our respondents are thinking, check out their comments!

It's a matter of economics

  • “We need an economically strong president.” (New York dentist, Republican)
  • Fair tax NOW and every thing else will fall into place. Yes, I know it is not that simple, but every thing in savings can help others and every thing you buy you actually pay for.” (North Dakota dentist, Republican)

Democratic dentists prioritize health care

  • “Probably John Edwards. He'd be most likely to increase funding for insurance and health care.” (Democratic dentist)
  • “The country needs national health care. Dentists need a kick in the ass.” (Kentucky dentist, Democrat)

Which candidate would be best for dentistry?

  • Has a president ever directly served the needs of the dental community? It usually boils down to helping us through tax laws, as I see it… and the Republicans are the ticket there I think. Even though I picked Romney, I am still very unsure at this point… I like Huckabee and Giuliani as well.” (North Carolina dentist, Republican)
  • “Need to solve illegal immigration. Mitt Romney may best serve the dental community.” (Washington dentist, Republican)

Most people still haven't made up their minds

  • “Perhaps one of the most important elections in recent memory. I am voting what is best for the country, not dentistry. It's time we stop being good Democrats. It's time we stop being good Republicans. It's time we start being good Americans!” (Pennsylvania dental practice owner, Republican)
  • “Huckabee sounds pretty good but I think McCain has earned the right by his service to the country and experience in government. It should be interesting.” (Minnesota dentist, Republican)
  • "After what Bush and the Republican controlled congress did as for as increasing government spending and entitlements (drug bill), I am not sure that there is much of a difference between the Republican party and the Democrats. I can always hope so I will continue to vote for the most fiscally conservative candidate available. Ron Paul has looked like the most truly conservative candidate but I don't think he will win the nomination. Mitt Romney seems to have done a good job in Mass. He can't be any worse than what the Democrats have to offer.” (Louisiana dentist, Republican)

Economic concerns lead many dentists to favor Romney

  • “Romney has by far the best approach to keep a good economy rolling. His health care approach far exceeds any of the Democrats, especially Hillary care (what a joke).” (Arizona dentist, Republican)
  • “Mitt Romney has real-world success managing companies and balancing budgets. He should have the skills, intelligence, and get-it-done attitude to master the presidency.” (California dentist, Republican)

All the candidates look the same… except maybe Ron Paul

  • “The old money/power 'new world order' fools will be the death of us all. Ron Paul is the only non-corrupt candidate. No wonder the media pretends he doesn't exist. Threat to corporate practices in politics, media and medicine.” (Republican dentist)
  • “None of the candidates offer real change except Ron Paul. Thompson doesn't seem to want the job as badly. Anyone who wants the job should be disqualified.” (North Carolina dentist, Republican)

Republicans don't want to see the Dems in power

  • “Anyone other than a Democrat." (Republican dentist)
  • "Just keep the Liberal Dems out of the Government and we'll be okay." (Illinois dentist, Republican)
  • “The Democrats would be quick to ruin this country with the House, Senate and the White House. They're weak on defense, soft on crime and strong on taxes.” (Orthodontist, Republican)
  • “Watch out for the Democrats who want to control health care and redistribute wealth to those who don't produce!” (Ohio dentist, Republican)

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