Two out of Three Dentists Prefer the GOP

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In this survey, we asked dentists who they planned to vote for in this November’s presidential election.

Two out of three dentists say they plan to vote for the Republican party.

Only one in three reports that they will vote for the Democratic candidate.

Among Democrats, two out of three preferred Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton.

Read the dentists’ comments for more insight into their thoughts.

Male versus Female Dental Practitioners

Gender played a major role in a dentist’s political opinion. The average male dentist is this survey favored the Republican party, while the average female dentist leaned toward the Democrats.

Male versus Female Dental Practitioners

Among dentists favoring the Democratic party, the gender gap was far less significant. Women were slightly more likely to choose Hillary Clinton, but both genders expressed a clear preference for Barack Obama.

Urban, suburban and rural dentists

Geographic location had some effect on a dentist’s political leanings, with urban dentists the most likely to be liberal.

All groups favored the GOP to the Dems.

For more insight, check out these comments!

Bush and the Republicans have made a mess of things

  • “All of Congress is a mess, but Bush has made a huge mess of this country. To hand things off to another GOP administration would just be more of the same trampling on the Constitution.” (Democrat dentist)
  • “Need change after the worst 8 years of a Presidency in my lifetime.” (Democrat dentist)
  • “This country need at least 4 years of intelligent leadership to recover from the damage done by the last moron and his criminal cronies.” (Democrat dentist)
  • “Look at the country eight years ago: budget surplus, friends around the world, gas and bread prices affordable. Do we want, or can we stand, four more years of this kind of management?” (Democrat dentist)
  • “The Republicans are criminals who would like to run this country as the Nazis would have.” (Democrat dentist)
  • “We’re in a terrible place, mostly because of the Bush Presidency/oligarchy and we need a complete change.” (Democrat dentist)

Just give me a free market economy, please

  • “We must keep the people in power who will create the jobs and keep people working, not the ones who want to redistribute the wealth. I have not worked all my life to try and better my lot and have this taken away from me. The American people are being fed a pack of lies from the ‘fix it all’
    democratic party.” (Republican dentist)
  • “Lower taxes, more security, less government.” (Republican oral surgeon)
  • “We need fiscal restraint, not higher taxes.” (Republican dentist)
  • “Worried about taxes.” (Republican periodontist)

Anything to avoid nationalized health care

  • “Always for the market capitalist nominee. Government funded and manipulated health care will be a nightmare (Dems) And what in the world does Barack Obama really want for America?” (Republican dentist)
  • “As health care professionals and small business owners, we would certainly be worse off should the Democratic candidate win.” (Republican dentist)
  • “If you think health care is expensive now, wait until it’s free. You can’t be healthy until you own the problem.” (Republican dentist)
  • “They need to listen to IADMD and put medicine back in the hands of doctors. If any of the candidates would do that, they would gain monumental success.” (general dentist)

I wish we had more choices

  • “As the lesser of two evils, I will vote Republican. I would have liked to see Ron Paul, the Libertarian, win the nomination, but he just wasn’t media savvy enough and didn’t have the appearance the media was looking for.” (Republican dentist)
  • “Too bad we don’t have an honest experienced independent candidate.” (Republican dentist)

Some were hoping for Huckabee

  • “That Mike Huckabee should be President! If nothing else, the ‘Fair Tax’ should get him elected.” (Republican dentist)
  • “Very interesting race. I don’t think the democrats have an electable candidate, so the Republicans win. I think Mike Huckabee would be the best
    president, I wish he would have gained a bit more support nationally.” (Republican dentist)

Some miss Mitt Romney

  • “I have to agree with Dr. James Dobson who has said that never in his lifetime has the choice of candidates been so grim. Romney was by far the best candidate in my opinion.” (dentist)
  • “Would have love to have seen Mitt still in the race. VP?” (Republican dentist)
  • “Scared of both Hillary and Obama. Should have nominated Romney.” (Republican dentist)

To some Republicans, Democrats look like Socialists

  • “Clear choice between the Democrats (aka Socialists) and McCain.” (Republican dentist)
  • “Democrats would do more to destruct this country than a Republican.” (Republican dentist)
  • “We need to pull away from the forces of socialism in our country. Let’s be smart and close our borders before we meld into a socialistic country and loose all control of what we are and what we stand for!” (Republican dentist)

Sometimes, all Republicans can do is pray

  • “Dear God, Have mercy on us!” (Republican dentist)
  • “God, please don’t let the Democrat win!” (Republican dentist)
  • “Heaven help us.” (Republican dentist)

Time for a change?

  • “I love that the candidates have the country excited about the presidential election and the electoral process. The war, the economy, and health care are major issues which the republicans and democrats will address very differently." (Republican Orthodontist)
  • “Even though taxes will surely go up–it is indeed time for a change. If for anything else so see if it can really happen.” (Democrat dentist)
  • “Female dentists, female president!” (Democrat dentist)
  • “finally we have a choice that could mean something for the future” (Democrat dentist)
  • “The ‘change’ mantra sounds nice, but will cost you individually a whole lot more than common sense would. Common sense, that would be the REAL change.” (Republican periodontist)

I don't like so-and-so

  • “I’m absolutely amazed by the ‘Cult of Personality’ around Barak Hussein Obama. Whether Democrat or Republican, I would never vote for a man who did not place his hand on his heart during a very public Star Spangled Banner and gave some bullcrap answer as to why he didn’t.” (Republican dentist)
  • “Obama sounds like a man shouting promises. Clinton belongs in jail. That leaves McCain.” (Republican dentist)
  • “No Hillary.” (Republican endodontist)
  • “They are all poor, but the Democrats are world class morons. Hillary is a criminal and Obama is like a 4th grader.” (Republican dental professional)
  • “McCain may not be Ronald Reagan but the ‘change’ Obama would foist upon the nation (higher taxes, more big government, nationalized health care, disdain for national security and the military) would be a DISASTER!” (Republican dentist)
  • "How stupid people are to think Obama will really change anything, especially without any real experiences to back himself up.” (Republican dentist)

Republicans are scared

  • “It scares the hell out of me as a small business owner.” (Republican dentist)
  • “It’s a mess, and very scary!!” (Republican retired dentist)
  • "Scary! Billary and Bama make me shudder.” (Republican dentist)
  • “Clinton’s ‘experience’ is all scandal. Obama is a made-up candidate. Change? What change? To what? He was voted the most liberal senator last year. No thanks.” (Republican dentist)

Different attitudes about the war on terror

  • “The Democrats are dissociated from reality. The only issue of import is the war against Islamic Fascism. If you watch their debates, it is a non-issue.” (Republican pediatric dentist)
  • “Way out of line, the issues that need to be discussed are simply ignored…very disturbing.” (Republican dentist)
  • “The democratic candidates are exceptionally weak, no experience and far to the left on almost all issues, especially the war against terrorism.” (Republican orthodontist)
  • “I’m voting security. I have a son that lives in NYC.” (Republican dentist)

Are elections always between the lesser of two evils?

  • “This may be the first election I vote for neither!!” (Republican dentist)
  • “Though I’ll vote for the more conservative party, I'm not happy with ANY of the candidates for president. The choice I'll make is based on which candidate I think will do the LEAST harm to our country and its citizens. As I told a colleague recently, it seems to me the choice will be between worse and worst!" (Republican oral surgeon)
  • “Unfortunately I don’t think there are any ‘good’ candidates. So it will be the best of the 2 evils.” (Republican dentist)
  • “Pathetic.” (Democrat dentist)
  • “It stinks. I’ll hold my nose and vote for McCain.” (Republican dentist)
  • “what a depressing ‘field of candidates’ we have to choose from-they are all virtually inept ‘leaders’ in my opinion.” (Republican dentist)

Some would prefer a "true" conservative

  • “I don’t think McCain is the best choice for the Republicans, but it better than the alternative! Hopefully he is listing to the grumbling about him. A true conservative candidate can win. Just look at my state of Louisiana which is typically a Democratic state which just elected Bobby Jindal governor. He is young, of Indian descent and a true friend of business and a conservative. If this guy helps turn our state around, you could be looking at a good presidential candidate in 4 or 8 yrs.” (Republican dentist)

Obama lacks experience

  • "Barack might have charisma, but he is all talk and NO action. He is a pup. Why would the world’s leading nation put a baby in the White House?" (Democratic dentist preferring Hillary Clinton)

Clinton carries negative connotations

  • “Barack will get the nomination, and that is too bad because Hilary is better qualified and deserves it.” (Democratic dentist preferring Hillary Clinton)
  • “We need Obama to get away from all the negativity that Clinton irrationally evokes in people. He can also lead us through these troubled times better than she can.” (Democratic dentist preferring Barack Obama)
  • “Obama is an unknown, but I don’t want the Clintons back in the White House–too much baggage and it will trigger right wing attacks that will prevent anything getting done. Americans must change or our country will go down hill.” (Democratic dentist preferring Barack Obama)

Hooray for the Dems

  • “Both good choices.” (Democratic dentist preferring Barack Obama)
  • “It’s the most interesting presidential race that I’ve seen in my 50
    years.” (Democratic dentist preferring Barack Obama)

Support for Obama

  • “Obama gives us the best chance to reverse all the damage done by these guys.” (Democratic dentist preferring Barack Obama)

Support for Clinton

  • “Hillary is the salvation of our country.” (Democratic dentist preferring Hillary Clinton)
  • “Two heads are better than one – Hillary and Bill.” (Democratic dentist preferring Hillary Clinton)
  • “I never thought I would say this, but Hillary would have my vote.” (Democratic dentist preferring Hillary Clinton)

Note: Survey sample included 198 respondents.

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